A Handy Introduction To Garage Conversion

If you’re looking to add usable space to your home then a garage conversion could be a great choice.

garage conversion

If you would like to add more space to your home without a costly extension then a garage conversion could be a great choice for you.

For lots of families the garage becomes a real clutter magnet, getting filled with all kinds of items from camping gear, to old baby toys, furniture and the like.

By converting your garage into an extension of your home you can utilise every square foot that comes with your property, and you might even boost its value. To help you consider a garage conversion as a great alternative to a loft conversion, here is a simple and handy guide to the process:


The cost of a garage conversion varies depending on different garage spaces. On average, a garage conversion is likely to cost anywhere between £4000 and £10,000 pounds. Although that might seem like a lot of money, it is about a third of the cost of a loft conversion, so it’s definitely worth considering.


It all depends on your building contractors and if you’re doing any of the work yourself. On average, it’s probably going to take about a month to complete but some conversions can take more like two months, especially including the decoration time.


It’s important to think about whether or not is actually viable to convert your garage. If you live somewhere that parking is a real issue then it might actually devalue your home to turn the garage into a living space, rather than a parking space. Think about whether or not garage conversion is a good idea where you live.

Uses & Benefits

There are a lot of potential uses and benefits when it comes to converting a garage. You can gain a lot, including:

  • Liveable space
  • Extra value on your home
  • Have a whole new room to use as a bedroom or guest suite
  • A room to extend into expanding your kitchen for example
  • Utilising space your home has for something other than cheap self storage
Planning Permission

You often don’t need planning permission to get a garage conversion but it is important to check with your local authority before doing any work. The last thing you want to do is put all the time and money into a conversion and then find out it’s illegal.

Losing Storage Space

A lot of people avoid a garage conversion because they worry about losing the storage space it provides.

Do consider balancing out the use of that whole space as part of your home, against something like a reasonable monthly cost using self storage in London, or wherever is local to you.

Usually, it’s more beneficial to use the space in full rather than just as a storage space.

The handy pointers above are a starting point when you are considering converting your garage. It isn’t for everyone, and it is important to think through really carefully before you go ahead.

At the very least, you’ll know that you have thought it through properly even if it isn’t viable. At the most you could gain an entirely new liveable space for a fraction of the cost that a loft conversion would cost.


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