Business Self Storage: It Just Makes Sense

Find out why business self storage makes complete sense for your business in many different ways, potentially saving you a lot of money.

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Self Storage Could Be Exactly What Your Business Needs

All businesses are looking to save money, and many are now using self storage for that very reason. Businesses run from home are an obvious key customer of self storage because there is an instant need for extra space. However, many other businesses can take advantage of self storage too, helping minimise costs for things like office space, paper storage, stock storage and more.

How Business Storage Can Be Used

Businesses will use self storage for different reasons, but often it is to avoid warehouse fees which can be massive. Businesses can store paperwork, stock, equipment or other items that take up space without all the associated warehouse overheads. Some businesses may use storage to receive deliveries, or to store items that need a paper trail to show they are protected properly. Just some businesses that can benefit from self storage include:

  • Medical businesses
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Gardeners
  • Food truck owners
  • Craft businesses
  • Event management
  • Seasonal businesses
  • Landlords
  • Theatre companies
  • Accountants


See how much you can save on self storage costs

Document Storage

Document storage is still neccesary because offices just aren’t there yet with paperless. It is a long way off and until then, paper still takes up a lot of space. Self storage is a great idea when your business uses a lot of paper, especially if it has to be legally kept. Self storage includes lots of security and deep storage options. So it makes sense to store important paperwork there. In doing this, it frees up your office space making the most of office rental fees you pay.

How To Choose The Right Storage For Your Business

The best thing about storage for businesses is that you get to choose which size you need. So if you aren’t sure, speak to the customer service representatives at the facility you like for advice. Unit sizes come as small as a gym locker and as big as a football field so, you’ll find what you need for your business.

Do also choose a facility that is as accessible as is necessary for your business. Some will be a 5 minute drive from your office, and they might be open all night. Some will have opening hours and will be a little harder to get to. But they may have preferable rates. In all cases, visit the facility before you commit to a contract as you will be able to get a feel for the units. Look for well-kept hallways and units with plenty of upkeep and staff who care about the facility.

If your business could do with some extra room to grow, and you don’t want to pay expensive fees for warehouse space, do consider self storage. There are so many benefits to self storage for businesses. It could be exactly what your company needs to move to that next level of success, without having to pay extortionate amounts for the privilege.



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