Growing Your Business With Self Storage

If you really want to expand your business, but feel restricted by costs and commitments, then business self storage could be the perfect option for you. It’s cheap, flexible, easy and leaves you completely in control of business costs as it has not long-term financial commitment.


Here’s how self-storage can help your business to grow and thrive.


Do you own a small business and want to expand it but don’t know how? It is common for small businesses to reach a certain size and be ready to grow, but struggle to move to that next stage due to financial or premises restrictions.


Have You Ever Considered Business Self Storage As An Option?

Small businesses and startups are now recognising that self-storage facilities are not useful just for domestic purposes but can also be used to help businesses grow and expand in lots of different ways.


Self Storage for New small businessWhat’s Stopping You Growing Right Now?

When a business wants to grow, they may be prevented from doing so by a number of real or perceived issues such as:

  • Financial Issues – The company does not have enough capital or does not have access to large enough loans to enable them to purchase or rent warehouse space, factory space, retail space or offices.
  • Not Being Able To Find The Right Premises – Sometimes the business location means the available expansion options are limited.
  • Not Being Able To Move – Although it might work well for a business to move to take advantage of the benefits of another area, various reasons can stop the business moving.


If you relate to any of these issues, it might be worth considering cheap self storage as an option for expanding your business.



Self Storage for Small BusinessesIt’s The Practical Option

It might sound really basic, but if you need more space because you don’t have enough right now to operate in a way that enables growth, business self storage is a practical and inexpensive option with no long-term commitment. You obviously can’t have people working in a storage unit, but you can store paperwork, stock and any other items not needed in your current office to free up space where you need it for new personnel. Renting a self storage unit for your business enables you to:

  • Reclaim space in your current premises
  • Expand cheaply
  • Avoid being tied into long, detailed contracts requiring you to lease premises for longer than you’re confident your business can afford
  • Create a more ergonomic working space
  • Help control the rate at which you expand
  • Tax regulations mean your self storage unit costs could be counted as part of your normal business expenses, so can be tax deductible (check this with your accountant)


Self storage units are basically an expansion of your current work premises, the only difference is they are cheaper than office or warehouse space, and very secure – often more secure than offices.


See how much you can save on self storage costs


Remote Working

If you run a business from home, self storage could be a really practical option for you too. It is likely you will need to keep certain paperwork or details for the foreseeable future but they simply take up room in your limited home office space. Or you run an e-commerce venture and need to store large amounts of stock and your home simply can’t accommodate it any more.


Use Self Storage To Help You Expand Your Business Today

Remember, expanding your business needn’t involve hefty, expensive contracts related to huge business spaces you can’t yet afford. Take it step by step and rent a self storage unit – opt for a bigger one when you expand more, or end the contract if you need to decrease in size. As a company, expanding your size with a business self storage unit puts you in control.




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