Conservatory Makeover – Get The Sunroom You Have Always Wanted

Transform this sunny glass room into a space you love to spend time in with these tips and tricks.


The conservatory is a beautiful light and airy space that always feels like a great idea when it’s being put in. However it is the same space that often gets turned into a spare room or a place to store garden furniture and other outdoor items. If you have found that you’ve been using your conservatory less, it’s time to give it a bit of a makeover and make the most of the space. Whether it looks a bit drab or it doesn’t function well, there is a solution for every problem:

Correcting The Shell

Before you get inspired with new colour schemes and furniture it’s worth checking that the conservatory itself is a comfortable place to be.

Is it one of those spaces that is freezing in winter and way too hot in summer?

If that sounds familiar why not invest in clever roofing that regulates the temperature? Or ask the conservatory experts which solutions there are to help keep that temperature away from the extremes.

By ensuring the space is comfortable, you allow yourself the opportunity to want to spend time in the room.

You may also want to think about items like blinds, which can help with direct sunlight problems. You might even consider installing something like Wi-Fi into the room so that it’s just as connected as the rest of your house.

The Conservatory Trimmings

Now you have the conservatory in good shape it’s time to actually decorate it. If the room is functionally great but it is still full up of stored items, you may want to consider cheap self storage.

Cheap self storage is great for garden furniture as it is climate controlled, dry and should be protected from furniture loving pests like rats. It is also useful for tools, outside toys and even camping gear or seasonal clothes.

When it comes to decorating the now empty conservatory there are a few different elements to consider-

The Furniture

Interestingly cane and wicker furniture is back in fashion so any original conservatory furniture that you have may well still look modern and fresh. You might want to rejuvenate it though with some new upholstery, perhaps with a bright tropical print, or a bright colour to liven up the aesthetic.

The Lighting

As mentioned above, blinds are a great idea to help control sunlight during the day.

During the evening you may wish to add some fairy lights, floor lamps, and other kinds of lighting to add some ambience to the room. If you’ve only ever had one overhead light then that could be a big reason to not spend time in the space. By correcting that issue you make the conservatory much more accessible during the evenings.

Soft Furnishings

Rugs, throws, cushions and blankets all add some luxury and texture to the conservatory. At the very least they make it more comfortable and cosy, and at most they can add a wonderful selection of patterns and textures to enjoy visually.

Try to mix together the colours used on your furniture with neutral, natural tones and textured options like a hessian rug or a thick knit cotton throw. This will ensure the aesthetic is timeless and long-lasting, and won’t date after one season.


The conservatory is a place that can be good for some plants, however if the temperatures have been too harsh for you they may well have been too harsh for any plants that you like.

However, there is every reason with the right climate control that the conservatory could become a bit of a tropical paradise for all kinds of plants.

If you can get the climate in there more regulated you can likely introduce lots of plants you love, including fruit trees and other Mediterranean plant types. There are even plants that have won awards for living happily under glass, so you may want to consider those.

Plants add a stunning, natural aesthetic, they clean the air and they bring the outdoors in, which is a great mental health boost.

If you don’t want any plants in there you could instead decorate the outside of the conservatory with lots of colourful potted plants. That way you can enjoy nature from the comfort of the conservatory whilst keeping the outdoors, outdoors.

Your conservatory is bound to look beautiful after its makeover. With a little bit of TLC, this bright and beautiful space can become a functional room for the whole family to enjoy all year round.



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