Do You Have Room For A Home Gym?

Find out if you can fit a home gym into your space to help you maintain your physical fitness without even having to open your front door.

Home Gym equipment

The health trend has been growing hugely over the last few years. From health trackers, to new diets and interesting forms of exercise there’s always a new way to stay fit and healthy.

Since the epidemic a lot of people who use the gym find themselves having to get creative with home workouts. However, it hasn’t only been recently that many people have felt restricted by having to use an external gym to workout.

It can be expensive, it can be embarrassing for some, and it can be that little bit too much of an extra effort to go to a different place and exercise before, or after work.

With all of that in mind, it makes sense that having some sort of home gym be handy for anybody who likes to keep fit. Having the ability to exercise right on your front doorstep is such a motivation. Even better, in the future if there is another need for a lockdown and you find yourself unable to get to the local gym you’ll be very grateful to have your very own fitness set up.

The only problem with a home gym is finding the space for it. It’s hardly just a corner of a room, or a small matted area.

Perhaps the following suggestions could open up new possibilities for a home gym that you hadn’t considered before:

The Garage

The garage is a great space for a home gym. It has a hard concrete floor, so you won’t be too loud when you workout. You can also adorn the space with mirrors, mats and equipment, and even a sound system if it is detached.

If you’re wondering what to do with the items already in the garage, consider relocating  them. Items like seasonal clothes, seasonal gardening gear, camping equipment and other items you don’t need access to immediately can be stored in cheap self storage. This gives you the whole garage for your home gym.

The Shed/ Summerhouse

A shed or summerhouse are great spaces for a home gym as they are entirely detached from the main house. Noise isn’t an issue at all. It may be that you are struggling for space there though as some sheds and summer houses are quite small. If this is the case, consider extending the area of the shed if you can, to allow for a workout space.

The Spare Bedroom

A spare bedroom may not be the first room you think of when you consider a home gym. This is especially true if you have noisy floorboards, or you live above other people. If you only tend to do yoga and stretches then the spare bedroom could be a great space. Alternatively, you could move items from other more suitable rooms into the spare room. Or, rather than lose an entire room to storage, utilise cheap self storage instead.

The Unused Living Room/ Back Room

Unused living rooms and back rooms are ideal gym spaces. This is because they are usually on the ground floor and they are ample in space. The only big changes you will have to think about are changing the flooring for something more appropriate than a carpet, and perhaps introducing better ventilation.

Hopefully the ideas above have given you some new perspective as to where you can fit a home gym in your house. Do be creative and do reconsider any space that might be full of items that you could otherwise place in cheap self storage instead. Soon enough you’ll have a great place to work out without having to leave your front door.

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