Do You Need More Storage Or Less Stuff?

Find out whether you need more storage or less stuff in your home, to ensure the space works well for you and your family.

A man pondering less stuff in his life

When it comes to ensuring that the home works well for the whole family, we often have to make decisions about ‘stuff’. Furniture, technology, gadgets, accessories – there’s always so much stuff to move around isn’t there?

Sometimes, it is a case of getting more storage, and especially clever storage, to effectively organise the stuff. Sometimes though, we need less stuff in order to be more organised and to have more space. But how do you know which of those things you need to do? How do you know when to add storage, or take items away?

To help you decide whether you need more storage or less stuff, ask yourself these questions:

Do You Make A Living On Your Items?

If you sell items, collect items or refurbish items for a living then you definitely need more storage. You earn your money through these things so you definitely need to fix the issue of where to put those things rather than think about how to get rid of them. Additionally, those items are likely much safer in affordable self storage than they are in your home or garage. Your local self storage facility likely has a huge range of security measures including; CCTV, 24/7 reception, multiple lock points, gates, security lighting and security guards. They are in the business of keeping the belongings of their customers safe. Additionally, in their facility your belongings can be protected against extreme temperatures (because of climate control), pests and environmental damage like flooding.

Does Everything In The Home Have A Purpose?

OK so not everything will have a purpose, we all love the odd trinket or ornament. However, most things should have a purpose. If the majority of your stuff does not have a purpose and you know that you don’t use, or even like a lot of the items you see when you look around, it is time to get rid of those things, not find extra storage for them.

Are You A Growing Family?

Although regular toy culls are important for any growing family, most of the time you do need a lot of stuff because, well, children require a lot of stuff. Kids take up space! For this reason, most of the time, extra storage is not only a good idea as a growing family, but it is essential. Even better, affordable self storage is able to shrink and grow with you. You can have a unit as small as a gym locker for sentimental items, and expand it to a full extensive space if you need to put everything in storage whilst you remodel in preparation for a new baby – the flexibility is there for you to use as you please.

Is Your Storage Full Of Clutter?

Are you the kind of person to put something you don’t want to deal with into a draw, wardrobe or cupboard? Is your home full of junk drawers that mean all your useful items actually have nowhere to go? Sounds like you already have the storage, but you need to clear the storage out in order to make room for the items you really want to keep hold of. Alternatively… It’s time to face facts and accept that you don’t need storage at all, and you’re paying for a service that gives you time to avoid this decluttering job you’ve been putting off for months. Don’t worry – you’re not alone, but times are hard and if you can take the time to have a clearout you can save yourself some money on unnecessary self storage.

Are The Items Taking Up Space In Your Home Of A Particular Type?

If you collect crafting items, you’re into your clothes, you have a ton of camping gear, or you simply love your old fashioned cameras, then you need more storage. These items are useful or you love them, but they are taking up a lot of space in your home. If you cannot display them well, or enjoy them because they have to be packed away all the time, it is time to get some storage for your wanted, but hidden items.

Affordable self storage is the perfect nook for those items you need or love that use a lot of space in the home without giving back much in terms of time used. If you collect very sensitive items like old cameras, or wine, self storage is particularly useful. It enables you to safely display or pack everything in a way that keeps it safe, including the addition of climate control, which means you can keep the items safe from extreme temperature changes. This is imperative for sensitive items like wine or cameras that can perish or otherwise suffer with extreme cold or heat.

Are You Doubled Up?

Sometimes, particularly after Christmas, we can double up on items and not notice. Maybe you bought a new tin opener, but kept the old one as a spare. Perhaps you got a new TV for Christmas but the other TV has yet to leave the house. Check what you are doubled up on and consider selling the items you don’t need for some extra cash and to generate extra space. At the same time, you can do this with presents you received that you don’t want. You know the items – the gift sets from a brand you hate, the hand cream you’re allergic to, the wine you were gifted from Nana who forgot you’re not a drinker. Give them away, sell them, regift them – whatever you need to do so that those items no longer suck up space in your home.

Are You Ready To Declutter Or Invest In Self Storage?

Knowing when to throw things out and when to get storage is a fine balance. Mostly, if you think critically about your things and your space, there’s always a balance to be struck between the two things.

Struggling for space even after decluttering and getting more storage? Maybe cheap self storage is a great idea for your household. Cheap self storage is an easy place to store business stock, seasonal items, hobby items and more, all in a secure unit designed to keep everything safe.



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