Easy Tips For A Planet Friendly Front Room Makeover

Find out about the easiest ways get an eco-friendly front room makeover, for an epic decor feel.

A front room makeover

This year we’ve all found out exactly how important our homes are as we spend more time in them than ever before.

Because we’ve been spending more time at home, many of us have been trying out DIY decor and projects to improve the space that we are in so much of the time.

The problem is that whilst it is pretty simple to sort out the wardrobe or reorganise the cupboards, some tasks, particularly those relating to decoration, can be more challenging than others. Add to that a desire to avoid being unsustainable or spend a ton, and redecorating areas you spend a lot of time in, like the front room, can seem totally unachievable.

Luckily, it’s not entirely out of reach. In fact, it is easier than you might think to get a gorgeous revitalised living room that hasn’t cost the earth thanks to a total front room makeover.

To help you give your front room a boost whilst also supporting the environment take a look at these easy tips to help you achieve a planet friendly front room makeover:

Use What You Already Have

Have a rummage in your garage or in your cheap self storage unit and take a look at things you already have that could look great in your front room. There is no extra cost to the environment to use something that you already own, plus it’s free, so you can’t really go wrong.

Use What Somebody Else Has And No Longer Wants

Use websites and apps that help people sell their own unwanted items on cheaply and sustainably purchase new things for your front room. Don’t forget, you can always give the items a bit of a makeover, so it’s about finding beautiful, well-made items that can stand the test of time primarily. You can change the aesthetics of it any time if it’s constructed well.

If You Do Buy New Buy Eco-Friendly

Lots of manufacturers and businesses understand the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable materials these days, making them more accessible and affordable. You can buy furniture made from recycled wood, or from environmentally friendly materials such as cork. You can buy cushions and rugs made from recycled fabric, or made from organic fibres using ethical manufacturing methods. There’s a lot of choice out there for all budgets.

Be More Energy Efficient

Being energy-efficient is a really great way to be eco-friendly, and it also benefits the aesthetic of your front room by boosting the light.

The most important step is to simply open the curtains in the morning to make the most of the natural light. Once the sun goes down you’ll want to use LED lights to minimise your carbon footprint. You may also want to use savvy technology that helps you switch off items in your living room that you aren’t using.

Use Eco-Friendly Paints

Eco-friendly paints rely on plant-based ingredients such as oils waxes and chalks, and they may also have low VOC labelling and recycled packaging. Supporting businesses like these is helpful for the environment and for the quality of your home as there are no nasty chemicals on the walls or painted on the furniture.

Get Planty

It’s been proven that you need a lot more than the average household can hold when it comes to plants if you wanted to dramatically improve your home air quality. However, they probably do a little bit to boost the quality of the air and they look really great. Having them around is also known to boost your mental health.

Try to include beautiful leafy plants like syngonium, pothos, philodendron, dracaena and monstera for a beautiful green aesthetic.

Be Crafty

There are some incredible items you can make for your front room that will enhance how it looks. Macramé, for example, is an amazing knot tying practice that enables you to make lots of attractive accessories, from wall hangers to potholders, to huge sofa throws. Get crafty, start a new hobby and adorn your space with some home-made treasures.

The tips above can help you enjoy a more eco-friendly front room space that not only benefits your family but the planet too.





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