Get Your Camper Van Organised With These 7 Hacks

Would you like to have a camper van that is as spacious and tidy as possible? These 7 easy hacks will get you there and then some.

 A camper van by the sea

Surveys tell us that potentially one in three new motorised leisure vehicles sold are campers. Having a campervan is an amazing thing. The ability to have endless adventures with your own tiny hotel on wheels – what could be better?

Of course, as with any space we occupy, the campervan can become cluttered and untidy, especially between uses. Sadly, this then leads to more work for you when the time comes to go on a trip, as well as a lot of wasted space in an already compact situation.

The good news is that you can easily get your campervan in shape for more space, organisation and access. Here are 7 tips to help:

1.  Declutter Your Van Before & After Every Trip

Before trips in your van you should be checking everything in the vehicle works, and getting rid of anything that doesn’t. If you have purchased replacements for bedding or kitchen accessories, switch them and get rid of the old items rather than simply adding the new things. After your trips it is important to have a decluttering session. Even if you just empty out all the impulse buys and accessories and pop them into your local self storage unit, this still leaves the van itself clear of clutter and ready for adventure.

2.  Make Sure Everything Has A Secure Space

A lot of camper van owners get annoyed that items slide around the van whilst it is in transit. This can be easily rectified by making sure that everything has a secure space. Using different sizes of storage tubs inside your cabinets can help with this problem. Not only does it secure items in place, but it helps keep them organised too.

3.  Utilise Bungee Cords & Nets

By adding bungee cords and nets to your campervan you have a great opportunity to tuck and secure various items away without using all that premium floor space. It is perfect for on the go storage of toys, snacks, cleaning supplies and anything else that needs tucking away quickly without using up cupboard space.

4.  Don’t Forget About Door Storage

Van doors have a small amount of space between them and the items inside your van. However, that is still space that can be utilised well. Hanging a wetsuit drying rack, material shoe racks or hooks is a handy way to organise various items using up this small but precious space.

5.  Use Hollow Seats

If you have any extra seating in the van make sure that it is hollow. You likely have bedding and foam pads within some seating anyway. For everything else that serves as extra seating, you should have space inside it to utilise for storage. It could even hold items like portable bucket toilets, or a mini-fridge.

6.  Fit Something, *Anything* To The Space

Every van has an awkward corner or cranny within it that seems to be useless. The trick is to find something, or anything, that fits the space. Even if it is a little tub or corner hanger – it still makes use of otherwise wasted space.

7.  Have Some Waterproof, Easy Clean Storage

When the weather is rainy or you’ve had a trip to the beach, coming inside the van can turn to chaos. Mud gets everywhere, wet and muddy items soak and dirty clean items, and this haven on wheels is transformed to a dingy hellhole at speed. Having some waterproof, easy to clean storage is essential to stop this kind of thing happening. Plastic tubs, lined drawers, a section with lino flooring or even just black backs on hooks all give wet and muddy gear somewhere to go. Keeping it separate stops the rest of the van turning to chaos.

The tips above can help you enjoy a more organised camper van so next time you store it away at, or in your garage, you know it’s ready for the next adventure that comes along.

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