How To Create Space for Growing Indoor Vegetables

If you are interested in growing indoor vegetables, these tips will help you create the space to grow your own, helping you well on your way to self sufficiency.

Carrots, Grow Indoor Vegetables


Growing indoor vegetables and fruit is a great idea if you don’t have much outdoor space. You can protect your plants from pests much easier, and take advantage of empty sunny spots that could be utilised more efficiently.

In order to grow indoor veggies there is some preparation needed before the exciting bit starts.

You have to create an organised space that is practical. A space that makes it easy for you to grow vegetables.

By taking this kind of approach to planning, you give your plants the best chance at life, and you also enhance your decor at the same time.

Here’s how to create space to grow indoor vegetables:

Where Could You Grow Vegetables?

Rather than thinking about what you want to grow, it is a better idea to think about what you could grow.

If you only have one windowsill, then you know your choice of plant, and how many you can grow, are limited.

Perhaps you have a sunny porch, which tells you that Mediterranean vegetables like chillies, peppers, tomatoes and herbs are the way to go.

Maybe you have an entire conservatory, which gives you the opportunity to grow vining plants, and all sorts of fruits.

Look around your home at cluttered corners and forgotten windows and think carefully about whether they could be used for growing. You’re looking for:

  • Space with ventilation
  • Lots of sunshine
  • An area where growing veggies wouldn’t cause an obstruction to daily life
  • Warmth
  • Ideally, easy proximity to a sink

Could Unused Furniture Be Used To Help You Grow Vegetables?

It may be some furniture you already have in place could be transformed for growing vegetables.

A tall shelving rack in the kitchen used for produce could be transformed into a plant-growing shelf. A hanging fruit basket could hold herb pots.

Have a look at what you already have as you could leave it where it is and use it differently.

OK, So You Need To Clear Space

If you know what you could grow and where, and you know some things have to move to do it, then you will need to set aside a day for preparation.

It is a good idea to know where your items will be moved to before you start the process.

Sometimes it is as easy as transferring furniture that is in the way, taking it to your cheap self storage unit or to the garage. Sometimes you might want to get that old shoe rack from the cheap self storage unit first.

Once you have a place for your items to go, you can get them cleared or placed ready for veggie growing.

Do wipe and clean the area when it is empty, paying special attention to areas that may have been prone to damp.

The Fun Bit

Now you have cleared and prepared your veggie growing spots you get to do the fun bit – the growing.

When growing veggies indoors, try to remember to:

  • Stick to varieties of vegetables that don’t outgrow the space you want to grow them in
  • Don’t throw any spare plants away – give them away to others and pay it forward
  • Keep it practical – you’ll resent your new plants if they take away space you need for more important things in the house

Growing veggies inside is a great idea, and almost everybody has the space to grow something, even if it’s just a herb or two. There’s something very special and satisfying about cultivating your own food, especially when you don’t even have a garden.

Take your time, enjoy the process and if you don’t succeed, we guarantee you will have fun trying!



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