How To Fix Up Your Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

Looking to make your bathroom look better without having to remortgage? Check out these tips to fix up your bathroom with..

Fix Up Your Bathroom Like This Example

The bathroom is an essential room in the house that can often get ignored when you’re deciding where to renovate this year. You might be waiting to renovate it fully, whilst in the meantime you’re putting up with a less than desirable bathroom day to day.

Did you know that you can fix up your bathroom for the same cost as a couple of family takeaway pizza orders? Or a couple of weeks of coffee shop takeouts? No really, you can fix up your bathroom without breaking the bank – here’s how:

Ditch The Grub

Grubbiness is one of the quickest and easiest ways a bathroom goes from beautiful, to ugly. By ditching that grub, your bathroom will instantly have a facelift. This will take a little more than a good clean though. You will want to:

Think of it as a deep clean to return your bathroom to its former glory.

Get A Bold Paint On That Ceiling

The bathroom ceiling is something you look up at when you take a bath and that is probably all you have ever thought about it. How about considering it a feature of the room? With a quick lick of a bright sunshine yellow, or a cute pastel green, your bathroom could instantly look more beautiful and cute.

Switch The Storage

Plastic storage or a cluttered bathroom can make the room look really shabby. By upgrading your storage with some upcycled ladder shelves from your cheap self storage unit, or installing some cute open wall units will open the space up, and give you somewhere stylish to put everything.

Get Planty

If you haven’t already noticed – houseplants are very, very on trend. For good reason too! They clean the air, they bring the outdoors in, they add texture, colour and nature to the bathroom. Great plants to consider for your bathroom are:

  • Sansevieria
  • Spider plants
  • Air plants
  • Orchids
  • Ferns

They really are a great way to boost your bathroom beauty for a small amount of money.


If the base of your bathroom is good, you can go a long way to fixing it up with accessories. Fluffy colour coordinated towels, storage baskets, a new shower curtain or fresh soap dispensers can really lift the look of your bathroom on the cheap.


For a bathroom with lots of tiles, retiling can be an incredible way to improve the space quickly. The great news is, tiles can be low cost and you can retile yourself with a little bit of Youtube video dedication.

Switch The Suite

The bathroom suite does not have to cost the earth to replace. You can get a great bathroom suite second hand for low cost. Get searching on all those online sale sites because cheap bathroom suites from renovations will fly.

The tips above can help you to boost your bathroom beauty without spending lots of money. By being savvy, creative and dedicated to free learning, you can bargain boost your bathroom easily.





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