How To Freshen Up A Bathroom Without Paying For A Complete Refit

Tight on money but your bathroom is looking shabby? This article will help you get it looking much better without the need for a total refit.

A modern bathroon

Bathrooms can be really expensive to refit and renovate, which can be really tricky if you know that yours really needs some work. Nobody wants a rubbish looking bathroom, or to have to use a place to get clean that generally doesn’t feel all that clean to look at.

The good news is that you can freshen up a bathroom without paying for a complete refit. You can have a fresh, clean looking bathroom space on a budget – here’s how:

Kill That Mould

You can paint over mould, but it will keep coming back unless you kill it. Ventilation will help you to avoid it in the first place, but if it is already there, you will need to use a special mould killing spray or solution. It won’t look much better but it will instantly improve your bathroom by ridding it of those pesky mould spores.


Now that you have gotten rid of the mould you can add a lick of paint to the bathroom. Bathroom paint is perfect for this as it is designed to be able to dry quickly, and deal with the kind of moisture you get in this kind of space. The only thing to remember is that it needs a good few days to fully cure, so if you only have one bathroom, you’ll need to avoid using the shower or bath for a few days.

Retile Some Of The Room

If you can’t afford to completely retile the bathroom, can you retile some of it? Perhaps fix a broken tile or two? This might not seem like much but if there are a couple of eyesores in there, fixing them up will do wonders for the overall bathroom aesthetic.


It is surprising how much clutter we can amass in one room that doesn’t get used for very long at a time by each family member. However, the bathroom seems to be full of half empty toiletries, old bath towels, bath toys and cosmetics at any one time.

If you declutter all the toiletries you don’t need and won’t use, rid yourself of those smelly old towels and cast empty containers into the recycling, you’ll have a much better space to enjoy. For even more space, downsize the storage in there and pop it into your cheap self storage unit. The less items you have to store, the less storage you need, right?

Get A New Shower Curtain/ Door

Sometimes the shower curtain or door can become grubby beyond what even the most vigorous cleans will fix. For this reason, a new shower curtain or door is a great idea. Why not go for a beautiful shower curtain with a cool pattern on just to brighten the room up a little?

Add Some Chic Accessories

Fluffy towels (that match), nice hand soap, plants and candles are all great ways to freshen up a bathroom’s appearance for next to nothing. Got an empty corner? Grab a footstool and an old plant pot from your cheap self storage unit and add a large ornamental fern – you’ll instantly make the room more beautiful and interesting. Little details can make a big difference in a bathroom that needs a little love and attention.

Use Smart Cleaning Hacks

All the usual suspects of grout whitener, silicone freshener and mould touch ups are a great idea for a bathroom that needs some TLC. In addition, toilet bowl cleaning hacks, silver tap or plug hole scrubs and window washing tips are all great ways to boost the look of a bathroom without spending much more than energy.

Switch Carpet For Lino

If the bathroom is dated and has a carpet floor it is a good time to rip it up and lay some cheap lino instead. It will instantly refresh the room and make it more hygienic and easy to clean at the same time.

You’re Ready To Freshen Up That Bathroom On The Cheap

Now you know how to make your bathroom more beautiful without having to break the bank. Be creative, open minded and savvy – there’s no reason you can’t do a makeover on a shoestring.

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