How To Move House With Zero Waste

If you want a more eco-friendly house move, you’ll want to check out this article about doing it with zero waste.


zero waste


Moving house is a little bit of an ordeal, there’s a lot to sort out. With all of that going on, it may well be that the last thing on your mind is being kinder to the planet. Anybody’s eco-ethos would go kaput with this amount of stress!

The good news is, you can move whilst keeping your environmental efforts in the bag quite easily. Yeah, really! No need for special equipment or special efforts. Here’s how to move house with zero waste:


Avoid Moving More Belongings Than You Need To

To cut down on a bigger van or lorry, or on more trips altogether, don’t move items you don’t need to move. Instead take the time to:

  • Sell, declutter or gift items you no longer want or need
  • Make one trip to the new property and one trip to the cheap self storage, unit avoiding multiple trips
  • Be meticulous about how you pack, ensuring that you pack as much as possible into each box


Reuse Packing Materials

You might be tempted to stock up on packing peanuts, bubble wrap and new boxes, but you can actually slim right down on those costs, and environmental impact by:

  • Sourcing strong veggie and fruit boxes for free from the supermarket
  • Looking for local ads of people who have free boxes and materials they are getting rid of
  • Utilising items like newspapers, recycling bags and clean towels and clothes you don’t want
  • Ask friends, family members and neighbours if they have any spare boxes and other packing materials


Pack Inside Items You Already Have

You can actually pack inside items you may not think about using to reduce your packing material usage. Washing bins, drawers, pots, saucepans – they all hold empty space you can use to pack other items into. This is also a handy hack for your cheap self storage space – ensuring you’re not paying for a space bigger than you need.


Make Your Own Cleaning Products

With a house move comes a lot of cleaning. Cleaning items for packing, cleaning up your current home, your new home, the cheap self storage unit – it can feel endless. It also uses a lot of chemicals that you don’t always need. Instead try utilising clever homemade cleaning solutions and air freshener sprays which are just as effective, but much less damaging when it comes to the environment.


Don’t Waste Your Food

Food can often get thrown away during a move because of a lack of a defrosting plan. You may end up quickly defrosting the fridge and freezer without thinking where to place items during your move. By making a plan you can make sure that you eat the food before moving day, or have a place to store it temporarily, such as a friends house.


Choose A Company With a Similar Ethos

There are lots of moving companies and cheap self storage companies around. With the right consideration, you have time to choose one that really cares about the environment. If you are going DIY, you can limit environmental impact by choosing the most efficient vehicle possible.

The tips above can help you have the most eco-friendly move possible. Soon enough you’ll be in your new place making new memories guilt-free, knowing you did your bit.





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