How To Organise A Garden Storage Box

Want to know how to make sure your garden storage box is as organised as possible? Read these handy tips!

Garden box

A shed is a handy thing to have in any garden, providing storage and room for potting and other hobbies. However, not everybody can have a shed, and instead, a storage box is the next best thing. They come in all different sizes and are waterproof, giving you an easy way to keep the outdoor belongings you need regularly safe and accessible, whilst larger items are kept in self storage in London out of season.

Of course, a garden storage box can easily become very messy. Out of sight really can be out of mind when it comes to garden organisation.

Luckily, there are some easy tricks that will help you keep this handy box organised, so you can make the most of it without having to rustle and rummage through it to find what you want:

Keep Things Safe

One of the easiest ways to hurt yourself in a garden is to put things away without making them safe. A garden knife left sticking up, a pair of secateurs without their cover on. It’s a quick way to make a garden storage box quite lethal! Instead, make sure there is a box for items like sharp tools so that they are contained and won’t hurt you when you go in your box. With pesticides and dangerous chemicals, you should also keep them in a box that is enclosed so if there are any leaks, the leakage is contained.

Use Loops

If you can, attach some Velcro loops or some hooks to the side of the box. This is perfect for long items like cutters or sweeping brushes that often slip to the bottom of the box, and need to be dug out for use. You could also place these on the outside of the box by drilling some holes and putting the string through. It can easily keep certain tools very handy to you. Just make sure they aren’t prone to rusting or getting stolen, otherwise they should be inside the box.

Use Lots Of Containers

Make sure that you use lots of plastic containers to store your things in. Glass jars, like you may use in a shed, are too easily breakable in a garden storage box so should be avoided. Instead, use tubs, Chinese takeaway boxes, plastic jars and buckets to keep everything in loosely themed order. For even better organisation you could then label those boxes so it is easy to know which box to go in depending on the tools you need.

Keep Seeds & Other Organic Material Contained

It is very easy to shove packets of seeds into a bag and into the box, just as it is easy to roll up compost bags and pop them in the box until the next Spring. The problem is that small animals may well be able to get in your box and steal your seeds, especially if the box has cracks or other sealing issues. Insects can definitely get into the box, and may even get a ride in on the bottom or insides of plant pots. They could well lay eggs in your compost and make a comfy home inside the storage box. If you keep everything sealed then this shouldn’t be a problem. You won’t always stop insects getting into the box itself, but you can protect the contents.

Stack Your Pots

Plant pots are responsible for taking up a lot of room in a garden storage box. To minimise this, consider giving away some of your pots if you don’t use them any more. With the ones left you should take the time to store them in size order so that they are stacked in a way that doesn’t take up excess space.

Your outdoor storage box is a blessing, when it comes to keeping your garden organised. Hopefully, with our tips above, you can make even more of this compact, but effective garden storage space.