How To Pack & Move A Bedroom

Read some handy tips to tell you how to pack and move this important room successfully.

How to pack - a couple packing well

When you’re packing up a house for moving it makes sense to start packing and sorting out rooms that are used the least often. Rooms like your guest room, garages and storage areas are good candidates for packing first.

Once these areas are packed up you can then use them for storing boxes and items from other areas of the home.

When it comes to packing up your bedroom it is likely this will be somewhere you pack a little bit closer to the moving date. This means that you will want to do it as efficiently as possible to avoid it causing any delay in your moving process. To help you stay organised during your bedroom packing and moving process we’ve got some great tips to help you get it sorted in a cinch:

Sort Through Your Things

Before you pack it’s a really good idea to have a look through all your things so that you declutter and remove anything you don’t want or anything that is damaged. This will save you some time, packing supplies and energy in regards to the overall bedroom packing process.

Spend Time On Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe is probably going to be the part of the bedroom that takes the longest to sort through because it tends to hold so much.

It’s worth packing everything inside that isn’t used regularly and leaving a suitcase worth of basics to live out of for the last week before you move.

Remember to fully clean and dry any clothing and shoes that are packed properly, and to be careful with accessories that could squash in the move. You should also be extra careful not to move any clothes that have mould or moths into your new home or a cheap self storage unit as that could spell disaster later down the line.

Clean & Dry Soft Furnishings

Curtains, rugs, and other large soft furnishings like curtains and quilts are particularly difficult when it comes to moving. This is because you should really have them professionally cleaned and dried before you pack them away, which can be time-consuming. It is also really easy to rip or change the shape of these kinds of items if they aren’t packed properly. For the best chance of these kinds of belongings staying in great shape, take extra care and time to clean them before packaging them ready for your new home.

Dismantle Your Furniture

Most people will dismantle the bed ready for moving and simply sleep on the mattress until the day of the move.

If you can do this don’t forget to pack and label any screws and other items and stick them to the bed frame as not to lose them. With other items like bedside tables you’ll want to package them in full with packing materials and tape to protect them from bumps during the move.

Be Careful With Lamps And Technology

When it comes to your lamps you will want to remove the bulbs and pack them really carefully. Then fully wrap the lamp so that you have the bulb and the lamp in the box together before packaging that box really well.

Any technology needs a high level of care because it’s delicate. If you have the original boxes for items like the TV utilise those boxes for packing, otherwise use the strongest boxes you can find.

Prepare Your Plants

New planty decor styles mean that moving house involves quite a bit more care in order to get your planty friends to your new property in one piece.

To move plants out of your bedroom it is a good idea to leave them until moving day if you have a car big enough to transfer them yourself. If you don’t, then you may want to move them into the new property and ensure that they are in an environment where they won’t get damaged whilst you are not there, such as a bright bathroom.

Before they are moved do water them well in advance, and do consider using bubble wrap and other packaging to protect the leaves.

Packing a bedroom can be challenging, but it’s one of the least stressful rooms in the home to pack because it tends to contain a small amount compared to say, the kitchen.

As long as you leave plenty of time and think carefully about what you need to hand, the chances are you’ll have your bedroom successfully packed and ready in time for the big day.





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