How To Pack Up Your Bathroom When You Move House

Get some handy tips and tricks to help you pack one of the most challenging rooms in the house, the bathroom, ready for moving day.

A bathroom ready for packing

 Packing up the bathroom for moving day can be challenging because there are difficult shaped items, and lots of items liable to leak. There is also usually a lot more than you realise in that room, packed away in cabinets and cupboards you might not have cleared out for a long time.

Unfortunately, it all needs sorting out before you get to your new home, and todays the day to make a start…

First Things First – Dump The Trash

You might be surprised to know that your bathroom is packed full of clutter. We can all see our bathrooms as a practical room full of items that we use. In fact, most people are hiding a multitude of past-their-best items in the bathroom. Old dried bars of soap, blunt razors, nearly empty old bottles of shampoo and melted shampoo bars may be some of the delights of the bathroom you need to evict. There’s no need to pack any of these things so, have a declutter session before you do anything else.

Dry And Seal Before You Pack

The bathroom has the most items liable to leak and cause a complete disaster when you unpack it in cheap self storage or in your new home. Take care to first dry the items off and then ensure that they are protected so if they do leak, the leak is contained. You may also want to combine half used products into one container to save space.

Then, use carrier bags, freezer bags, sandwich bags, Clingfilm, tape and any other useful product you can find to leak-proof these items. You will thank yourself the other end when you find you’ve contained a giant shampoo explosion.

Group Items Together

Once everything is dry and sealed you can group them together for packing. Items you use for a morning routine, or items you house in the same part of the bathroom could be useful groups to put together in boxes. You might also want a box ready for when you first move, so you have access to everything you need on that first night.

Add Extra Padding For Any Glass

Any glass you pack should be padded out with bubble wrap or paper to ensure that it remains safe inside the box.

Use Strong Boxes

Toiletries and glass items can be very heavy, so it is important to ensure that they are packed into thick and strong boxes.

Double Check Everything Is Dry

Even when you have taken care to pack everything when it is dry, it pays to double check. If any moisture leaks through it can damage everything else in the box. It may also damage the box itself, leading to the collapsing of the box once it is picked up. Moisture is also very bad news for a cheap self storage unit if your items are being stored temporarily before you move into your new home. You could see mould and mildew creeping into the rest of your unit if moisture is not picked up and dealt with quickly.

Label Up

Once everything is packed up safely it is a good idea to add labels. Basic labelling is really helpful with bathroom items, especially any medicine. Medicine boxes should be very clearly labelled and kept out of the reach of pets and children.

The tips above can help you move your contents from the bathroom, a surprisingly full room that needs a little more effort to pack up because of the sheer amount of leakable products.

However, the effort is definitely worth it for your practical contents to stay in great shape ready to be used in your new home.



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