How To Stay Healthy When Working From Home

If you’re faced with working from home some or all of the time, these tips can help you stay healthy throughout.

A man at his desk working from home

Working from home has its perks, but it can also have a lot of downsides. One of those downsides is that it can have a negative impact on your health.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to avoid the negative impacts of working from home. Here are some of the most common health risks of working from home, and how to avoid them:

The Risk – Weight Gain

It is so easy to keep making trips to the fridge when you are working from home. You can also freely eat at your desk, take several lunch breaks and you may not be leaving the house much for exercise.

The Solution

The best way to avoid weight gain is to limit your eating times to the same windows of eating time you would have had at work. A lunch break and two smaller breaks, perhaps. You should also then try to opt for healthy food options when you do eat. Commiting to some exercise at some point in the day is also a great idea.

The Risk – Loneliness

Working from home can be lonely, especially when you are used to working in an office full of people.

The Solution

Make an effort to check in with your colleagues, to video call friends and family, and to chat with your partner. You could also have podcasts, live television and other background noise to help create some natural ambience. You can even get coffee shop noise to listen to if you fancy it!

The Risk – Stress

Stress is a real issue when it comes to your wellbeing and it can be caused by working from home. You might be stressed trying to balance your work and home life. Perhaps your internet connection is making it hard to meet deadlines. Maybe next doors dog barking is making that important conference call impossible. Working from home can be stressful.

The Solution

There are several ways to make your working from home situation less stressful including:

  • Opening a line of communication with your boss about difficulties you are having
  • Discussing work/ personal life boundaries with your family
  • Getting some time outside everyday
  • Switching off at a certain time everyday
  • Practising sports, yoga or other stress-relief activities

If you are concerned your stress is leaning towards depression and anxiety, consider speaking to your GP and further support.

The Risk – Physical Strain

Working slouched in bed or on a sofa you could easily begin to get very bad posture. You’re not working at a workstation designed with ergonomics in mind like you would be in an office, which puts you at risk. There are also problems like eye strain from screen glare or not taking enough breaks to worry about.

The Solution

If you have a space you could turn into an office, then clear the contents into cheap self storage and create a workspace for yourself. Try to create a comfortable and professional space that supports your health. You should be able to get some tips on how to do this from your employer.

The risks and solutions above can help you work comfortably and happily from home, without your health declining. Remember to seek information and support from friends and family, your employer and your GP. This isn’t an easy situation for many people, you are not alone and there is support available to you.




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