How To Use Self Storage For Your Micro Camper

Find out how to use affordable self storage for the good of your micro camper life.

A micro camper in the mountains

Around 50% of us would love to own a camper van, but for many people the investment in a £10,000, £15,000 or more fully ready camper is not possible. What many people are choosing to do instead is to convert small vans into micro campers. It’s a much smaller investment, and there aren’t the same issues with parking inside height restricted car parks, or on normal parking spaces which aren’t big enough for a long wheelbase. Alot of people also take pride in how much they can fit into a micro camper, enabling them to go on amazing trips across the UK and further afield, conveniently, and with much lower fuel costs, too.

Of course, you might not want to keep your micro camper at home if you only use it for holidaying trips. It may not be as safe as it could be, and realistically, the storage space could be better used in other ways. This is where self storage comes in. It’s the perfect way to help you to live the micro camper life with ease:

How To Use Self Storage For Your Micro Camper

Some London self storage facilities will allow you to use your self storage unit for vehicle storage. If they do, it will likely come with rules and regulations about preparing the vehicle for storage. This is perfect for a micro camper that you do not use all year round, ensuring it is in great shape ready for your next big adventure in your micro vehicle.

Some people like to convert their micro camper when they plan to go on a trip, using temporary fixtures and fittings they have created for the van. This means the micro camper may look like any other smaller van and is used for daily regular purposes, then when the time comes for an adventure, you pick up all the accessories for the conversion from your local London self storage unit. Those accessories may also include cooking equipment, bed pads, portable toilet units and additional tent accessories such as back door awnings. These can be safely stored in affordable self storage along with other seasonal items like camping equipment, Christmas equipment, summer sports equipment and more. It’s incredibly useful when you don’t have a garage, or if you like to use your garage for something other than storage.

Find The Perfect Local Self Storage For Your Micro Camper

Whether you want to store the micro camper, or keep your camper accessories in the unit whilst you use the van for other purposes everyday, self storage is a great idea. Choose one that has climate control, that is well maintained, affordable and that has flexible contracts. Affordable self storage enables you to live that amazing, exciting, micro camper life without having to worry about storage between adventures. Why not enquire with your local self storage unit today for more information? It could be the start of an exciting freedom to explore across the UK and further afield without limits. Find a reliable metal building for your self-storage needs.




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