Make Your Life A Little More Environmentally Friendly With These 8 Tips

Thinking about making your lifestyle even better for the planet? These ten tips will help…

Environmentally friendly paper cups

Everybody wants to do better by the planet these days and be more environmentally friendly, which is fantastic. However, put into practise, it isn’t always easy, unless of course, you follow these 8 tips:

1. Be Plastic Aware

Being plastic aware means thinking about everything you use and purchase that is plastic. Instead of single use water bottles, could you buy one reusable bottle instead? Instead of the plastic wrapped avocados, could you buy the loose ones? You’ll be surprised how quickly you cut your plastic use down once you become more aware of it.

2. Do A Little Litter Pick

If every person picked up one piece of litter a day, imagine how much cleaner the world would be! Instead of doing a big litter clean, vow to pick up a piece of litter everyday for a month. The chances are, you’ll want to continue your habit.

3. Reduce Your Product Consumption

We are all buying too much. Statistics say just us Brits spend £3 billion on impulse buys every month. That’s just one tiny part of the world. GULP. Imagine the amount consumed by societies worldwide… It is no wonder we create so much rubbish. To reduce how much you buy and throwaway, try to lead a more minimalist life and learn to reuse. Dig out items from your cheap self storage unit, fix items rather than replace them, and buy second hand wherever you can.

4. Eat Plant Based

Eating plant based means cutting down the impact of your food on the environment. Meat production causes a lot of pollution. Try having one vegan day a week, or switching to vegan lunches. Every little helps!

5. Cut Out The Chemicals

Bleach, paint, cleaning products, makeup – so much of what we use contains chemicals that one way or another make it into the air, ground and water. If you can cut down on chemicals and switch to more natural products, you can make a big impact on how environmentally friendly your lifestyle is.

6. Avoid Palm Oil

Palm oil production is causing rainforest destruction and some heart wrenching atrocities done to orangutans. By avoiding products with palm oil, you let large companies know you won’t contribute to their profits until they make a change.

7. Look After Yourself

Happier people are empowered to make positive change. As part of your efforts to make a better world, you have to take care of yourself first. Meditate, eat well, move more and stay social – the world needs you at your best.

8. Be Technology Aware

Lot of modern technology we use actually has a negative impact on the environment. Certain phone parts, for example, are made from mined metals that cause environmental damage. More recently, cryptocurrency has been an issue as lots of electricity is used to mine it, burning more fossil fuels as a result.
Thinking about the technology you invest in, the companies you support and how you use your tech is really important when it comes to being more environmentally friendly day to day.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The tips above can help you be more environmentally friendly in your lifestyle. Mostly, it comes down to being aware of what you consume, purchase and use, which then leads to better habits overall. The environment doesn’t need a few people living perfectly green lives, but rather lots of people making lots of small changes, for a greater overall impact.

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