Moving To Northamptonshire: A Smart Guide


Moving to a new county is a significant decision. Here we look at different aspects of Northamptonshire to help you prepare for your big move.


Northamptonshire is as near to the middle of the UK as you can get, which is why many people call it the heart of England. Regardless Northamptonshire, the county has a lot to offer all kinds of people, but particularly those working in London, because of its extremely affordable commuter belt housing which sits at over 25% cheaper than counties nearby. The excellent rail system certainly contributes to this fantastic commuter location, as well as offering anybody living in the county easy access to the rest of the UK.


Visitors to Northamptonshire are often drawn to its vast lush countryside setting, and popular attractions and facilities. There are miles upon miles of stunning country parks, woodlands, open spaces, cycle paths and more, all waiting for visitors to make the most of them. Those looking to keep their finger on the pulse of the social scene, will also find the county to have a lot to offer, with various restaurants, clubs, spas and sports venues to enjoy, not to mention the excellent art scene. Families, couples, young professionals and businesses have a lot to gain from moving to Northamptonshire.


moving to northamptonshire

Getting Around


If you move to Northamptonshire you will need to get around, and luckily, the county is well established in all areas of transport.



Right in the middle of England, Northamptonshire has lots of roads going in and out of it. The M1 runs straight through it in a north-south direction all the way from London to Leeds. Cambridge is connected via the A14, Eastern borders connect via the A1, Milton Keynes and Warwickshire are connected via the A5, Leicester and Luton are connected via the A6, Bedfordshire is connected by the A428, Coventry is connected by the A45, Oxford is connected by the A43 and the west is connected via the M45, M40 and M6. So there are connections every which way enabling you to get wherever you need to.



If you do happen to work in London, you can get there in an hour to London Euston on the train. The central location of the county means there are train routes leading to pretty much everywhere you want to go. Many key locations are under 90 minutes away.



You’re not likely to use the airport for commuting, but it does help to know how far local airports are, so if you do travel a lot or work or pleasure, you know which airport is easiest to use. What is great is that Northamptonshire is so central it is served by 6 different airports; Birmingham, Coventry, East Midlands, London Heathrow, London Luton and London Stansted.



Travelling for work or pleasure becomes even easier when you live in such a central location, giving you easy access to major ferry ports such as Felixstowe, Dover and Portsmouth.



The economy in Northamptonshire is really strong, and growing at a quick speed. The 100 largest businesses in the county had a 7% rise in turnover recently. Employment is also up, but over 5%. Dalepak, St Andrew’s Healthcare, Corby and Rockingham Cars are all major businesses in the county showing continual growth. Food and leisure industries are also seeing a huge growth, followed closely by the motor industry. The only businesses seeing a decline in size and profits are those lagging behind in their digital growth. Moving to Northamptonshire may well be a great place to commute from, but its thriving economy means many people are instead, commuting to the area for business, something you wouldn’t have to worry about if you lived there.


university of northampton


If you are planning on raising a family in the county, or you already have a growing family, then education really matters. Northamptonshire County Council operates over 40 secondary schools in the area and the county is particularly well known for performing arts education facilities. Further education is ample, with 7 colleges in the county and one exceptional university, the University of Northampton which has two main campuses. Those looking to go to a university within easy commuting distance, or where they can come home at weekends, are well within easy distance of many universities across the county, including those in London.



Northamptonshire is well known for sport, in fact it might just be the most famous aspect of the county. So if you are a sports fan or you would like to raise your children being surrounded by the best sports facilities, Northamptonshire is an excellent location for you.



Northamptonshire has a lot of rugby clubs but the most well known is the Northampton Saints.



Northamptonshire has no less than 24 football clubs all operating in various levels of the football league. The most famous club is Northampton Town F.C which has been running since the 1920’s.



Northamptonshire County Cricket Club is well known and has various well known professionals playing for it.


silverstone in northamptonshire


Silverstone is based within Northamptonshire and is associated with the highest levels of racing.



There are several swimming clubs in the county which take part in official competitions.


Sport is certainly at the heart of the county, and even those least interested in sports will find a club or event related to sports they will enjoy, because there is such a wide selection to choose from.



Bands from the county include Bauhaus and The Departure, and there are also various well known musicians from Northamptonshire including Richard Coles, part of The Communards band which found fame in the 80’s. Musical theatre fans will also be interested to know that Kinky Boots the musical was written about a shoe factory in Northamptonshire. Culture in modern Northamptonshire revolves around the various music and performance venues, including The Castle Theatre And Arts Centre, The Foundryman’s and The King Billy Rock Bar. Those seeking larger venues can easily catch a train or drive to nearby counties with larger venues.


Things To Do

If you’re moving to any area, you want to know what there is to do in the evenings, weekends and school holidays, after all, downtime is when we recharge and have fun!

Northamptonshire has a ton of activities for you to enjoy, regardless of your age, taste, ability or budget. Here are just some of the great activities you can enjoy when you move to this fabulous county:

northamptonshire countryside

Greenery, Lots Of It

There are so many green spaces in Northamptonshire to enjoy, which is especially great if you’re working in a city a lot of the time. Rockingham forest is just about as impressive as forests get, or if you want more open space Irchester Country Park is ideal. Why not pop on your wellies, wrap up in a coat and crunch some fallen leaves over a chat about the day, or grab the family and a picnic, and go have some fun on a park. Northamptonshire is famous for its natural spaces, and they’re right there for you to enjoy if you live in the county.



Northamptonshire is a shoppers haven, with high street stores, designer shops and gorgeous boutiques galore. The Grosvenor Centre is the most popular of the large shopping centres, however, if you are looking for a more quaint shopping experience, then there are various little towns and villages full of cute little cafes and shops for you to explore, along with attractive architecture and friendly locals.


Stately Homes

There are various stately homes across Northamptonshire to enjoy if you feel like enjoying architecture and history, along with stunning grounds. Kirby Hall is the most well known stately home to visit, and looks beautiful equally in winter and summer.

Kirby Hall in Northamptonshire


If you’re looking for a more active day out in Northamptonshire, then there are a lot of options to choose from. Phipps NBC – The Albion Brewery is a good option for adults, or if you want to take the kids on a day out, Rookery Open Farm is a lovely day out full of cute little animals and a play centre. For an even more active day out, The Pinnacle Climbing Centre is a great option, combining fun and fitness and is definitely guaranteed to tire the kids out!



If you are a bit of a foodie, there’s plenty to keep your tastebuds tingling in Northamptonshire. The Church restaurant is a stunning location for a restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious British food, in the most gorgeous setting. For fine dining, The Vine House, The Cedar Restaurant and Chilli Village are great options. There are also a wide range of pubs that offer a traditional British setting, and some exceptional menu choices. The Folly Inn, Fox & Hounds and The Old Kings Head are particularly great choices.


Moving To Northamptonshire Tips

Moving to Northamptonshire is not going to be easy. We’re not being negative, it just means a lot of stress, time, organisation and other bumps in the road that may well be a big challenge for you, or anyone going through the same thing. Moving house isn’t known as being the second most stressful event anyone can go through for nothing! However, there are plenty of things you can do to minimise the stress and negativity associated with moving house. Here are some top tips to ensure your move to Northamptonshire goes as well as possible:


Don’t Be Afraid To Be Over-Organised

There is a lot going on. Contracts being signed, legalities, furniture, house contents, moving companies, self storage; the list is almost endless. So, it makes sense to have list upon list to ensure you have the best chance of staying on top of what needs doing. Ideally, a digital list will work for you because you have your phone on you all the time which means you have constant access to update your lists. However, if you work best on paper, then invest in a snazzy notepad and keep it in your bag. The key is remembering to update your lists all the time so they are always up to date.

Moving House Checklist

Start Everything Early

From booking moving vans, to organising cheap self storage and packing up your stuff, the more organised and ready to move you are, the better able you will be to cope should any extra issues arise that need your attention. Plus, by starting early you won’t have to opt for the only last available facilities or services because everybody else booked them before you. This is especially relevant if you are moving in summer.



Moving house costs more than the agency fees, rent or actual cost of the new house. Moving house is expensive so it is important to budget. Potential costs you might not have thought of include:


  • Money for babysitters for the children, and/or activity money if a friend or relative is taking them out for the day
  • Money for kennels or cattery for your pets
  • Money for food or snacks for people helping
  • Money for cleaning products and equipment
  • Transport costs
  • Northamptonshire Moving van and packing services costs
  • Cheap Northamptonshire self storage unit costs
  • Money for additional phone minutes or internet through needing to contact people and places on the move


Overestimate your budget so that you are prepared should anything unexpected come up.


Be Kind To Yourself

By far the most important tip to remember, throughout this entire experience. Everybody finds it stressful, everybody experiences hiccups and issues they had not thought of and nobody finds the process easy, nobody. Be kind to yourself the entire process and remember that you are doing it for a good reason – to move to beautiful Northamptonshire.


Hopefully you are feeling super excited about your move to this thriving county. With a growing economy, excellent transport links, wonderful pubs and restaurants and great educational facilities, you’ll be enjoying a lot of benefits moving to the gorgeous county of Northamptonshire.

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