Moving Out Of London For More Space? Read These Q&A’s:

Read about tips for moving out of London for more space, as well as a potential alternative.

A family moving out of London

Since the pandemic hit, there has been a surge in enquiries about moving to more coastal and rural areas away from big cities. Lockdown has made homeowners, particularly those in London, switch their priorities. Who wants to be stuck in another pandemic working from home in the most highly populated areas? Why would you want to be stuck in a tiny flat five minutes from work, when you could be in a huge house with a gorgeous garden at a cost of a bit more time in the car or on the train?

In addition, many are now prioritising making the most of life and freedom overall, after having it all taken away in a second, by just one, horrible virus. A better quality of life is the front runner, when it comes to post-pandemic priorities.

Are you thinking about moving out of London to get a bigger space away from it all? If you are, we have some handy Q&A’s to help you:

Do I Need To Move Out Of London To Have More Space?

You may think you have already answered this for yourself but, there could be options you haven’t considered. Sure, rural life could be great, and that commute… maybe it could be worth it. But there are ways you can make more space where you live. One way is to move to a less expensive area where you get more bang for your buck. Up and coming areas are still around if you’re willing to bide your time when it comes to development of the locality.

Alternatively, you could consider decluttering or just finding some extra storage space in London. Self storage enables you to store all kinds of things that use up space in your home, like seasonal items, bulky hobby gear and excess furniture. It’s worth considering as an alternative to the big move, especially whilst the property market is uncertain.

Should I Make The Move Quickly Or Wait For The Market To Recover?

It depends on your priorities. You could rent somewhere in a nicer location as a trial, and rent out your London property in the meantime. You can then make an informed decision after 6 months to a year.

Where Should I Move?

If you have no particular area in mind, it is worth travelling to a few places to scout them out before making any big decisions. Moving to the countryside or coast can seem like a wonderful idea, but in reality, it is a different way of life. It isn’t something to do on a whim, especially if you have no particular favourite rural area.

How Can I Sell Up Quickly?

If you do definitely want to make a move quickly before desirable properties potentially rise even more, then you should be paying attention to your garden. According to recent media reports, a beautiful outdoor space is a top priority. So any outdoor space you do have, even just a balcony, should be prioritised. In addition, you will want the house to look as spacious as possible. House-hunters want the maximum square footage for their budget. Moving anything personalised or bulky into self storage can help keep your home as minimal in design as possible.

Does The Front Garden Matter?

Kerb appeal is always important so you should ensure the front of your property looks great if you want to sell it.

The above Q&A’s are designed to give you a better insight into selling up and moving to the countryside. It isn’t for everyone, and the market is unstable. A huge move like this should be considered carefully and, where possible, research should be done, and a trial move should be considered.

Hopefully we won’t be hit by another pandemic. However, if we are, hopefully you’ll be in exactly the right place next time.















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