Moving To Surrey: An Easy Guide


If you’re moving to Surrey, this guide will help you learn about all the benefits of moving to this area, and help give you tips for moving home.


If you’re considering moving to Surrey, you’ve got a significant number of incredible things to look forward to. From the amazing proximity to London, together with the rich history, and gorgeous countryside – there are a lot of benefits to moving to this incredible county.


Surrey, in the south east of the country, borders Greater London and contains over a million residents. There are eleven districts in the county all under Surrey County Council and the area is known for being wealthy because of its incredible location. Surrey is within easy access of London and is close to Heathrow and Gatwick. Surrey also has the highest priced properties outside of inner London. With so many great things going for the area, it really is no surprise so many people are choosing to move to Surrey.



Surrey has an incredibly deep and rich history with lots of interesting changes in the areas that were officially part of the area because of boundary changes. Wandsworth actually used to be part of Surrey, but the border now sits just underneath Kingston. The very first people of Surrey from the bronze age and iron age aren’t many in their official remains, but there are bronze age and iron age burial sites in Woking and Weybridge. Many people visit the area for the historical significance combined with exceptional views of the surrounding countryside.

There are also various other historical sites of interest around the county, including Stane Street, the well known Roman road in Chichester and the temples in Farley Heath. The castles in Farnham and Guildford are also incredible historical sites that are well worth a visit.

Some of the historical points of interest in Surrey are not visible in buildings or monuments but in names. Many of the names around the county are named from Saxon times. Surrey came from the Saxon word Southridge.



Surrey has an extensive education system with well known private schools amongst state schools. There are currently over 35 secondary schools, over 15 academies and over 50 state primary schools. The private schools in the area are well known and include the famous Eton College and Harrow School. In terms of further education, University of Surrey is spread across Farnham, Epsom and Guildford. There is also a renowned Law university in Guildford, and Royal Holloway, University of London can be found in Egham.

Clearly, further educational facilities based in London can be accessed because of the close proximity to it via trains, roads and bus services.


Getting Around Surrey

Getting around Surrey is incredibly easy regardless of how you want to get around.

Bus – Stagecoach is the main bus operator in Surrey along with Arriva and Safeguide. For those who don’t want to spend the money on parking in Guildford, or who want to avoid the traffic, there are park and ride services to take advantage of.

Car Hire – If you’re visiting Surrey for the weekend, perhaps to view houses or check out your new residential area, there are car hire companies operating in the county, with the main suppliers being Avis, Enterprise and Hertz.


Cycling – Did you know you can burn over 500 calories an hour cycling? If you want to burn some extra calories, or you fancy lowering your carbon emissions by getting around on a bike instead of in the car, there are so many amazing routes for you to enjoy in Surrey. You can find so many routes with different levels of difficulty and different lengths they take to complete. There are also various ways to get around different towns via cycling routes and it is possible to commute to work on a bike in many areas.


Train – The trains in Surrey offer a beautiful scenic look at the county and run through many stunning villages and towns. The trains into London can take as little has 30 minutes depending on where you get it from and how far into London you’re going.


Taxis – There are various official taxi ranks around the county, especially around train stations and airports. You can usually just flag one down in the taxi rank areas, or you could use Uber which operates in Surrey and is commonly cheaper than a taxi.

Guildford Canal in Surrey

Eating & Drinking

When you have moved to Surrey, you’re likely to want to get out and about and enjoy a spot to eat or drink. Surrey has it all covered for you as it has some incredible places for you to eat and drink, whether you’re out for afternoon tea, or dressing up for a Michelin star evening dinner.



If you’re looking to pop out for a cup of tea and a cake, there are some lovely cafes in Surrey to enjoy. Most cafes will provide things like sandwiches, soft drinks, pastries and cakes, as well as specials. There are many cafes in Surrey that have actually won awards for their offerings. Haslemere Hemingway’s well known for its chocolate and homemade baking and Godalming has the lovely Green Room where you simply have to try the scones. Organico is a must stop in Epsom for vegans, as their savoury offerings are to die for. There are also lots and lots of independent farm shops and cafes to enjoy, which can be particularly nice to pop to after a long walk in the rolling hills.



There are so many incredible restaurants to enjoy in Surrey, so you have lots of choice as to where to celebrate your new move to the area! There are tons of Michelin starred restaurants, and you can expect to find cuisines from all over the world, as well as unique and creative offerings as well. There really is something for every budget and taste.


Drakes in Ripley now named The Clock House, and The Latymer are both famous eateries which have featured in Top 100 lists. The Latymer in particular continues to wow its visitors with its 5 course and 10 course tasting menus. All high streets have a good selection of high street favourites like Pizza Express and Handmade Burger Co to enjoy for an impromptu bite. There’s also The Clink, a restaurant in a prison for lovers of something unique. Or if you’re vegan or vegetarian, The Pilot’s Hub, an airport themed restaurant has some great vegan options, and serves soya milk.



Things To Do In Surrey

Surrey has a lot of enjoyable activities and destinations for the whole family to enjoy, so there’s a lot to get stuck into once you have moved into the area! First and foremost it is worth enjoying the fact you are so close to London and its many tourist attractions. From the London Eye, to London Zoo, living in Surrey, you are less than an hour away. If you want to explore closer to home, there are lots of family fun attractions to enjoy. Animal lovers will appreciate Bockets and the British Wildlife Centre. Guildford Lido is a great option in the warmer months, or if it is raining, Guildford Spectrum has an indoor pool, an ice rink and bowling to enjoy. More active kids might enjoy the ski slopes at The Guildford Ski Slope, or one of the Go Ape experiences in the woods.


If you want more of an educational day out, there are so many different historical places to visit. Younger children will love the castles in Guildford, Farnham and Reigate. Hampton Court Palace is a great day out for older children.


Tips For Moving To Surrey

Moving to Surrey is a great choice, as we detailed above, it has a lot going for it! However, moving house in general might not feel like a great choice at the time it is happening. It can be very stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are some top tips to help you have the least stressful move to Surrey possible.


Practical Considerations

It is so important to make practical considerations about the logistics of your move. Things like making a budget, planning somewhere for the pets or children to go while you move, and planning where to store larger items whilst you decorate your new place – all make a big difference to the move. It is especially important you choose the right moving company to use, because they will be able to give you lots of tips on packing, and they can even pack and move everything for you if you need them to. Your practical considerations should come first, before you take any action.


Before You Move

It is so important that you don’t leave everything to the last minute. It might seem tempting to put everything off, especially if you are juggling a move with family life and work, but it really isn’t a good idea. Before you move make sure you:


  • Make a list of what needs packing, including information about the most important things you need to pack. Think logistically about where you can pack first and where you should pack last. Remember to pack up your cheap self storage if you have some locally, as you will need to find new cheap self storage in Surrey or cheap self storage in London now you’re moving.
  • Clear out – it is so important you have a clear out so you don’t end up packing items you don’t actually want or need to take with you. Sell items, give items away and chuck items in the bin – just make sure you are being ruthless. You can always hold some things in cheap self storage if they are sentimental, and you might even be able to afford a new sofa or carpet in your new place if you sell enough of your old stuff from your current home.
  • Get what you need – boxes, black bags, labels – have it all to hand so you don’t need to pop out and get it and interrupt the flow of packing.
  • Follow packing advice for your items so that you pack them safely and don’t end up damaging anything.
  • Look into insurance – you might want to check your items are insured whilst you move properties. If you are using a moving company, they should have insurance.
  • Pack a box especially for the first night in your new home, so that you have everything you need. Toilet roll, toiletries for the kids, dog food and a dog bowl – all the essentials you need for the day you get there.


On Moving Day

On moving day, try to surround yourself with people helping you. You may want to get on with it and do it yourself, but this can actually be more stressful in the end because it is all the pressure on you to remember everything. Get friends, family members and professionals to help, so that it is a team effort and it will help everything be a lot calmer and less stressful overall. It might even help to have yourself or your partner already at the new house to receive the moving vehicles, so one of you is able to stay behind and finish up with the old house while the other begins unpacking on the other end. You should also be prepared for things to switch and change a bit on the day. If you expect everything to run smoothly you will panic when it doesn’t. In all eventualities, remain calm and think of a solution – everything will work out, as long as you can keep a logical mindset.


Remember, moving to Surrey is going to be fantastic! Sure it might get a bit stressful along the way, and you might have a lot to organise, but there is so much to look forward to on the other end! From castles, to amazing education, to an incredible proximity to London, Surrey has everything going for it and you’re about to benefit from that! Happy Moving!

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