Remote Working Is The Future: How Self Storage Can Help

Remote working is the future for many organisations across the world. Find out how self storage can help you transition to a more flexible workforce.

remote working in the outdoors

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the entire globe, in many different ways. When it comes to the economy, it has forced many businesses to accommodate remote working amongst their workforce wherever possible.

Although this process was jarring for many, it’s clear that the push always had the potential to happen at some point for any company wishing to future-proof their operations. Remote working is often better for employee mental health, productivity, the environment, company candidate reach and selection, and employee retention. Although nobody would have chosen a pandemic to push their business forward, it has happened now and many businesses are choosing to embrace the changes they have already made, keeping them as permanent changes.

A Period Of Transition

With the decision to embrace a more forward-thinking way of working comes a period of transition for all involved. Adjustments have to occur in every single part of the company, from technology to HR, health and safety and communication, and even international relations and storage. Everything works differently when your workforce is working remotely.

If you are a forward-thinking organisation looking to keep remote working as more of a permanent change to your operations, you’ve a lot to think about. One huge change is the changeable need for offices and working premises for staff. Do you still need to hire an office? Do you require a lower capacity office furniture arrangement? Is your in-house IT team bigger now because of the larger remote workforce?

If you identify with some or all of these factors, you might want to think about cheap self storage. Cheap self storage can be very helpful for organisations and businesses in times of transition.

Self Storage and Remote Working

The biggest reason cheap self storage can help your business as you accommodate remote working, is by providing you with flexibility. You can store furniture in your unit allowing you to provide a lower capacity setup in the office. You can then retrieve that furniture at such a time you can have full capacity again. Or you can even add furniture if you downsize your office permanently. The flexibility is afforded with different size units, the ability to switch between units and flexible contracts that don’t tie you in for a long time. Some contracts offered by some facilities are per-week.

During such uncertain times when you may have to end your office rental, you may need an extra office for more in-house IT employees or even server space, or you may need to invest in cleaning stock, self storage can be very useful. In addition to remote working uses, self storage can also help businesses by:

  • Offering services to receive deliveries
  • Providing spaces as small as a gym locker and as big as a football stadium
  • Offering deep storage for paperwork
  • Providing extra storage space for stock
  • Offering additional removals services and packing options

Prepare For The Future With Remote Working & Cheap Self Storage

If you are a business who has survived the pandemic by supporting remote working in your organisation, there are many reasons to keep that momentum and maintain a remote workforce. Cheap self storage can help you to do that. Why not enquire with your nearest cheap self storage facility today to find out what they have to offer? It could help you future-proof your business quicker, for better workforce operations and transitional momentum in the new normal economy.



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