Should You Have A Standing Desk In Your Home Office?

Are standing desks just furniture trends that will pass? Or could they actually benefit your health at work…

Women working on a standing desk

Standing desks have been around for a while, but commonly remain under the umbrella of ‘office trends’. Perhaps you have assumed they are just a fad and provide no real benefit to the user. Perhaps you think they look uncomfortable to use, and wonder how people get any work done using them.

What you may find interesting to know is that standing desks have a lot of health benefits. They could lower your risk of gaining weight, suffering from postural strain and injury, and reduce risks of obesity related conditions. They could even help you to lose weight.

Of course, there’s no concrete proof, but realistically, we all know the risks of sitting for too long everyday. If a piece of furniture could lower those risks, would you use it? Let’s take a closer look at standing desks:


Different Types Of Standing Desks

You can get basic standing desks that cost a small amount of money, and you can even make one yourself from timber in your shed or cheap self storage unit. You can also get very fancy types with adjustment features, made from high-quality materials.

To go one further, you can get treadmill desks. These are standing desks that are electric and incorporate a treadmill so you can walk whilst you work. They do take some getting used to but they can help boost your health throughout the day if you choose to use them. Again, there are expensive types, and there are very cheap setups. You can even create your own DIY version with some research.


The Benefits Of Standing Desks

You will sit for less time by using a standing desk, which is a fantastic benefit. In addition you may find that you:

  • Burn more calories throughout the day
  • Improve your posture, lessening pains and strains associated with bad posture
  • Boost productivity

They can also be particularly helpful if you find that you like to work in multiple positions throughout the day. Having a home office with beanbags, an adjustable desk and even a floor table can be great for staying agile throughout the working day.

The Downsides Of Standing Desks

A Standing desk isn’t all pros, and it might not work for you. Here are some common downsides to the standing desk:

  • Your feet, hips and knees can start to hurt over time
  • You might be more at risk of varicose veins after prolonged use
  • You will still need to exercise as standing alone doesn’t replace the need for cardiovascular exercise
  • Some tasks may not feel comfortable for you when standing

Is A Standing Desk A Good Option For You?

Ideally, your workplace will have a standing desk available for you to try, so you can see if it works for you. It is also a great idea to rummage around in your cheap self storage unit to see what you have to create one out of. It isn’t a good idea to splash out on a standing desk if you don’t know whether or not you’ll find it beneficial.

A standing desk is definitely not just a fad, and could be beneficial for anybody who works at a desk for a lot of the day. Why not give it a go to see if it could boost your work wellbeing?



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