Storing Wool: A Simple Guide

Storing wool in cheap self storage? Here’s a guide to keeping it in great condition.

A ball of wool

As the planet as a whole becomes more eco-conscious, we start to favour more natural, plastic-free and sustainable materials like wool. This soft and warm material does, however, need some love and care to ensure that it stays in great condition. This is particularly true when it comes to storing your wool as it does need a little bit of love to keep it fresh and beautiful. In fact, wool can last a lifetime if you put the effort in.

To help you with storing wool well, here’s a simple guide to the process:

Cleaning Your Wool

Before you put wool into storage it could be a good idea to clean it. It is a breathable fabric so you don’t have to watch it much at all, and it may be that hanging it outside for a few hours is enough.

If there is a stain you could spot treat that area only by wetting it and then using a wool appropriate detergent on that area. You can work it into the fibres with a non-shedding material. You can gently rinse that spot and add detergent again until the stain has blended out then hang the item on the line to dry for a few hours. If the entire item needs washing you’ll want to be really careful about the washing process. It might be machine washable on a wool setting, or you may need to hand wash it as per the directions in this Youtube video.

Use The Right Container To Store Your Wool

It is important to make sure that the wool is effectively stored inside a container that is breathable and not a plastic airtight bag or tub. A cotton storage bag, a wicker basket or something similar will work well. You can also prevent moths infesting your stored woollens; you could use repellants like dried lavender sacks or cedar balls. If you suspect there are moths in your woollens already, it is important to treat those before storing as they will do damage.

Use The Right Storage Environment For Wool

Storing your woollen blankets in breathable containers is the best thing for the items, but it can also leave those items prone to becoming nests for pests. In the garage a bag of woollen blankets is the ideal snuggly nest for mice or rats. In cheap self storage, however, there is pest control and you can be assured that your items will not become winter warmers for the local wildlife. In addition, cheap self storage is not likely to have air seepage from paint, cleaning chemicals or bonfire smoke like the shed or garage at home can, which can then in turn become absorbed by woollen blankets.

The tips above are the easiest way to ensure the woollens you put into storage are going to be the same ones you get out again. They should be free from mould, mildew, holes and pests by taking just a few easy precautions. By taking the recommended steps you can enjoy using your woollen items for a lifetime.

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