The Best Types Of Flooring For A Home Office

Are you fitting out your home office? If you are, you may want to consider these flooring options.

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Millions of people work from home, which means that millions of people just like you are trying to make a comfortable, functional home office working space that inspires productivity and creativity.

One of the main aspects of an office space, when it comes to its design, is the flooring. Everything else is placed on this flooring which has to be functional, beautiful and easy to clean. It also has to work with your furniture and the type of working setup you have.

To help you choose the best types of flooring for a home office, ask yourself the following questions:

What Style Do I Want?

It is important that the flooring comes in a style that you like. You may want a stone effect look, something that is very neutral, or perhaps something really strong in design.

How Long Do I Want It To Last?

Some finishes, like vinyl, won’t last too long but they are cheap to replace. Other options, like a wooden floor will last forever but they cost more. How long do you need the floor to last until it is next changed?

What Does It Need To Do, Functionally?

If you make a lot of noise in your office or your office is above living spaces, or even other dwellings then the flooring should have some degree of soundproofing. A wooden floor is a terrible idea, when it comes to soundproofing, whereas a carpet would absorb some of the noise. If you don’t have to worry about sound, though, then these factors aren’t a big consideration.

What Is My Home Office Budget?

Some floorings are more expensive than others. Stone, tiling, wood or a luxe carpet will be more expensive than a cheaper carpet, wooden floor ‘look’ tiling or Lino.

What Furniture Do I Have?

If you have a chair on wheels it is impractical to have a deep shag carpet, or something super-smooth like tiles. However, if your furniture pretty much stays in the same position all the time, you have more options for flooring types.

Home Office Flooring Types For Inspiration

Sometimes you need to know what is out there to know what it is you want, or need. To help you feel inspired about your working from home setup, take a look at these great home office flooring options:


Vinyl is very low cost, durable and able to withstand an office with a lot of use (even if it is just you!). They can come in any appearance, including nice wood effects, and even marble tile or more patterned options.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring does cost a lot initially, but it holds its value and also works well for the majority of modern decor styles too. You can add a rug to this kind of home office flooring for more warmth and interest.


Like vinyl, laminate impersonates other flooring types and is a really durable, cost effective option for a home office. They don’t offer as much soundproofing as vinyl, though, which is worth considering if you are in need of some sound absorption.


Carpet is often very short pile in working offices so that it wears well, is easy to clean and handles chairs with wheels well. It is a great option for a home office, although short pile types are better in this environment too. Long pile carpets are very luxurious but they can be tricky in a home office and may also be wasted money, as you can’t really make the most of their comfort in this kind of space.

Which Home Office Flooring Will You Choose?

If you are unsure which type of office flooring to choose, try and look at different inspiration videos and folders on various image sharing platforms to see what could work for you.

When it comes to the renovation, consider using cheap self storage for your office furniture whilst the floor is laid. This will keep it safe, secure and out of the way whilst you create the perfect working from home environment to boost your career.



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