Why Choose Climate Controlled Self Storage?

Find out why self storage can be even better at keeping your things in good condition with climate controlled self storage.

A micro climate representing climate controlled self storage

Self storage is a flexible, helpful and convenient service that helps both domestic and business customers enjoy extra storage space at affordable rates.

When you look for self storage you might look for the following benefits:

  • Helpful staff who are friendly and get back to your enquiries quickly
  • A good location that helps you gain easy access to your things
  • Flexibility of unit size enabling you to get the right size for your needs at any one time
  • Affordable cost that reflects the quality of the self storage company and what they offer
  • Extra services at cost, such as removals
  • 24/7 reception
  • Flexible contracts that enable you to switch unit size easily, and that don’t tie you down to several months of commitment at a time
  • Excellent security

All of the above are important things to look for when you choose self storage in London (or local to you). One thing you may not have considered a priority when choosing a self storage company is climate controlled self storage. In the UK, we are very seasonal and temperatures can fluctuate massively. This can be a real issue for belongings which can respond to extreme temperatures. Wood can expand and contract, electronics can break, and wine can be totally ruined in temperature fluctuations.

With that in mind, it is worth considering a cheap climate controlled self storage which keeps the unit at a constant temperature year round. Here are a few reasons why climate controlled self storage is a good idea:

If You Store Certain Items

Wooden furniture, wine, leather, appliances, electronics, vinyl, vehicles, artwork, clothing, expensive hobby items, paperwork and photos are just some of the items sensitive to temperature and high levels of moisture. Self storage with climate control can protect those items well.

You Want Optimum Control

Climate control gives you that little bit more control over the condition of your items. It means that you can be even more sure your things will be in the same condition as when you left them.

You Want Choice

Climate controlled self storage can often be operated per unit, which gives you the choice of temperature. So if you are holding wine or something with an optimum climate need, then climate control can be extremely helpful.

A Sign Of A Great Facility

Climate control shows that the facility want to provide as much choice and quality in their service as possible. Often, facilities who take great pride in having the latest security systems, technology and tools will have climate control because they want to provide the best possible benefits to their customers.

If you are thinking about getting cheap self storage then why not consider climate control as a benefit you want as part of your contract? At the very least it will afford you more choice in the climate you hold your items in, and at the most, it till help you to properly protect sensitive materials dabs belongings from damaging temperature fluctuations.






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