Why Does Decluttering Matter When It Comes To Your Mental Health?

Read about why decluttering is important when it comes to your overall happiness and well-being.

A home after decluttering for optimum mental health.

From TV programmes to films, blogs, vlogs and podcasts, it feels like we are constantly being told to declutter. Declutter for joy, declutter for a better aesthetic, declutter for more space, declutter to save money – the benefits are supposed to be endless. But how much does decluttering really benefit your mental health? Does it really matter if your home is cluttered or not?

Let’s take a closer look:

Letting Go Of What We Have & What We Think Matters

Decluttering certainly helps us learn to let things go. This is important because we can put emotions into things, and that can be a real issue when you then can’t let go of anything because even rubbish ends up having some sort of meaning.

For your mental health, this regular cleansing and recognition that there is more to life than ‘stuff’ is so important. Moving forward, this acknowledgement will actually save you money, time and space. If you really let go of the idea that belongings mean anything more than their practical purpose (apart from very, very sentimental pieces) then you won’t yearn for an endless incoming of things. You won’t desire more clutter.

The Way You Work

Various studies and clinical psychologists suggest that as humans we do work better in a more predictable environment. A chaotic environment can be really chaotic in the brain, which can lead to us feeling more anxious and less able to relax and focus in our home environment.

A clean environment may not be the key to curing a deep depression, or terrible anxiety disorder. However, it can give you a more comfortable environment to recover in. At the very least, it’s a much more calm and organised space to be in, which is especially important if you work from home.

How To Do It

Realistically, there’s a lot to say decluttering is a good idea. It may not have all the benefits that it is claimed to have, at least not for anyone individual. However, it could have specific benefits for you that are worth the effort you put in. The easiest way to find out how decluttering can help you is to go to your shed, cheap self storage unit or spare room and give it a go.

Be ruthless, chuck out or sell what you don’t need, and organise the rest. At the end, does your home, shed, or cheap self storage unit feel different? Does it feel better? Notice how it feels in the future, if it is more functional to you, or more calm. Over time you’ll see exactly how decluttering has affected you, and whether or not it really is worth all the hype. You really have nothing to lose by trying.

Declutter, It Might Just Help

Decluttering is not going to solve every problem any person has (unless your only problem is a messy house!). However, for the overwhelming evidence it could benefit you in some way, for such a small exchange of effort, it’s definitely worth a shot.