You get what you pay for

So you have a flat or a house in, say, London with random stuff in every room basically taking over your comfortable living space. So you think, time to store these things, and begin looking online for a cheap self-storage quote. As you start going through the self-storage quotes online and reviewing ones received over your email, it begins to dawn on you that this seems very much like booking a low cost flight.

Why all the little extras and fancy introductory rates? What’s more, this is just for your self-storage unit. You haven’t even begun to consider the removals part just yet. What should be an easy process of decluttering your London home is turning into a complicated nightmare.

The big question… just how different are the ways some self-storage companies catch you out compared to booking cheap low cost flights? What do cheap prices mean to the level of customer service? The answer came to us by listening to our customers and their frustrations.

Here’s a good little story once told to us which sums it up quite nicely:

CEO of a low cost airline in a Dublin Bar


pint of guiness



A CEO goes into a Dublin pub to ask for a pint of Guinness.

The barman replies to him saying the price is 1.50 EUROS.

That’s a very good price said the CEO with a confused look on his face, l will have a pint of Guinness please.

The barman then says, would you like a glass with that?




How about this funny YouTube video on the true price of a low-cost flight:


This does seem typical in the tales of these two worlds, cheap low cost storage and flights. Great headline prices in neon lights in your face, then roll on the hidden extras, like insurance, the deposit, the padlock and so on. Suddenly that cheap self-storage cost has started looking, well, and not so cheap after all.


storage-unitsDespite all the hidden costs that headline price is tempting so you go for the one that appears to look the cheapest. Then come the removals part of the equation. If you can’t load your items into your car, you pay a small fortune to Joe Blogs Removals to load you items (sometimes you even need to do the loading) and on you drive to the self-storage company. Of course you need to go with the transit van driver to the self-storage company to help unload. Here you discover your allocated storage unit is on the 8th floor, great! Now you need to lug that sofa up there via a lift and potentially crazy series of busy corridors, then all the way back down for that flat screen TV? Only 5 heavy items to go.

When you are trying to book with some cheap low cost flights or self-storage companies there are two elements to consider really. The financial side and the human side – as the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. Does cheap equal compromise in customer services for example? In so many cases, it absolutely does.

This is where is absolutely a cut above the rest.

  1. We have our lowest price guarantee
  2. First class customer service
  3. 5 year fixed rate guaranteed
  4. A Driver & Porter that comes to you, loads your items, and bring your storage unit back to us. You just supervise on the day of your collection.
  5. Collections are free with our driver & porter if you are within 75 miles of our Self-Storage Units and your storage period is for 6 months or more. If not, we will make this clear to you, not try to hide it.
  6. Self storage prices quoted include VAT, insurance and you can bring your own padlock if your unit size requires it.
  7. We DO NOT take silly deposits or reservation fees upfront. Just the first four weeks of your storage to secure your booking. Our sales team are quick to point this out – great customer service, nothing hidden from you.
  8. If you go out of storage, we issue refunds on the day or near to it. Not 14 days later like other companies, again great customer services.
  9. If you deliver the items yourself, there is no lift, big staircases or complicated corridors to deal with. You can literary drive straight up to your storage unit and unload.

160 sq ft storage unitsSo while many cheap low cost self-storage companies try to catch you out, does not. We are about competitive prices with no hidden catches bundled neatly with exceptional family values and top customer service.

Please share this story with a friend in need of Self Storage. Even someone who needs us to get them out of their current Self Storage Unit. We regularly do collections from other Self Storage Companies, particularly in London.

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