10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Self Storage

Find out the 10 things you likely never knew about self storage to help you consider investing in this incredible service.
 A self storage collection Lorry

Self storage is an amazing service you probably always knew about. However, there are some aspects of self storage facilities you probably don’t know about, and you may well want to know them, because they could show you even more ways the service could help you. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about self storage:

1. It Can Be Indoor And Outdoor

Self storage facilities come in a wide range of different settings. Some are huge buildings with lockable units inside. Some are like parking lots with rows of garages. There are also some facilities that are outdoor shipping units that you can store your things in.

2. It Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

You may envision a room sized unit when you think about a self storage unit, but they actually come in a wide range of different sizes depending on your needs. You can actually get units as little as a gym locker and as big as a football field, plus everything inbetween.

3. You Can Get Temperature Control

Some people don’t realise that temperature control is a common aspect of good self storage. It enables you to keep your unit at a temperature you feel is best for the contents. For example; wine storage might be better cooler.

4. It Is Closer Than You Think

You may have driven past huge storage facilities, but there are actually storage businesses that aren’t heavily advertised on the outside for extra security. Although they can be found online, they may not make it obvious they are a storage facility to deter criminals. There is almost always cheap self storage closer than you think, you just don’t realise.

5. You Can’t Store Everything

You can store most things in self storage, but not everything. Organic materials like food and plants cannot be stored, and you certainly can’t store live animals. Explosives like fireworks are also not allowed. It is always a good idea to check with the facility that you can store the things you want to store.

6. It Isn’t All Corporations

Although a lot of great storage facilities are owned by large corporations, lots are owned by families. It is important to understand the difference as there are benefits to both types.

7. They Can Take Deliveries For You

If you run a business you may be interested to know that a lot of self storage facilities will actually take deliveries for you day or night. This can be very handy when it comes to keeping operations running well.

8. They Probably Offer Help With House Moves

A lot of self storage places offer help with house moves. This can be as minimal as selling great packaging or as much as offering complete packing and moving services. This can be so handy if you are moving house and want to utilise both self storage and moving services at the same time.

9. Your Contract Is Very Flexible

Self storage contracts are extremely flexible, and can be easily switched and changed and adapted depending on your needs. This is very handy for growing businesses or for customers who like to pick and choose how and when they use self storage.

10. It Is Easy To Move To Different Sized Units

If you do need less space one month because business is slow, or you’re actually renovating this summer and need more space to store large furniture, that isn’t a problem. It is very easy to increase or decrease your storage space month on month, so you only ever pay for the space you need.

Hopefully the 10 tips above have helped you feel more in the know about this handy service. Perhaps it could help you in more ways than you realised, giving you more leeway with domestic or business storage.

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