Moving Home: 25 Things You Definitely Need

Read all about the things you definitely need when you’re moving home. These things won’t take the stress away, but they will definitely make the move easier.

Self Storage When Moving House

Moving home is a really stressful time, and you can’t really do anything about that, because there isn’t a way to stop there being at least some level of stress involved in such a huge change. However, there are lots of things you can do to minimise the stress of moving house, and we want to help you with that with this list of 10 things you definitely need when you’re moving home:

1. Kindness – helps moving

OK you’re right, it isn’t a ‘thing’ but it is so important. Kindness towards yourself during this time is key to keeping some level of self love at the end of a brutally chaotic process.

2. Patience – lot of it when moving

OK, OK, sorry another thing that isn’t a thing! But, if you don’t have patience for everyone and everything when you move house, you’ll reach boiling point really quickly.

3. Boxes – a moving basic

Finally an actual thing! Yes, boxes are most handy. Supermarkets have free ones going you know. The banana boxes are especially strong and have lids too.

4. Packing Tape – don’t move home without it

You need all of the packing tape you can get. It strengthens even the weakest boxes and bags really quickly, keeping everything secure inside.

5. Teabags & Biscuits

Whether you’re serving cups and snacks to removals men, to your partner during a stressful call with the estate agent, or you’re taking a break from endless packing, you will need your tea and biscuits, lots of it.

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6. Labels

It makes a lot of sense to be extremely organised when you move house. Labels help you categorise absolutely everything whether it is going on the removals van, in cheap self storage or staying where it is for now.

7. Cleaning Tools

Kitchen roll, multi-surface spray and sponges will feature in your cleaning kit that you need for absolutely everything. From cleaning the house you’re leaving, cleaning things you are packing or unpacking and cleaning the house you move into, you’ll need all of the cleaning tools you can get your hands on.

8. A Notepad

Your phone is always handy during a move but how come the battery dies the exact moment you need to get into the notes on it?! To protect yourself from the battery failing, have a proper paper notepad in your pocket and pen that is your bible. Take pictures of full pages on it in case you lose it, but do treat it as your go-to organisation hub.

9. Friends & Family

You really need to call in favours from your friends and family during this time. Whether you borrow lifts to your cheap self storage unit, have help with moving your things from A to B, or have somewhere to go to let off steam, you will absolutely need your support system during a house move.

10. A Sense Of Humour

Sorry, we had to end on another thing that isn’t a thing! But, it really is a thing you need. Above all else, when things are absolutely chaotic and you wonder why you bothered starting this process in the meantime you really do need to be able to keep a light heart. Have a bit of a giggle, because it really is all going to be OK, and soon enough you will be making memories in your beautiful new place.

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