5 Great Benefits Of A Compact Self Storage Unit

Find out how you can benefit from a small, compact self storage unit to help with organisation, space at home and hobbies.There are lots of reasons why smaller storage units can be extremely useful.


Commonly, storage units are thought of as being room sized. This makes sense because most people use them like an extra room and popular programmes like Storage Wars always show room sized units or larger containers. Did you know that self storage containers can be as large as a football pitch, or as compact as a sports locker? The truth is, one size does not fit all with self storage because everybody’s needs are different, so it makes sense that there are lots of different sizes of storage units to suit those needs.


In this article we’re going to talk about self storage units that are small and compact and how they could benefit you.


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You may think that there wouldn’t be a need for a small, compact space when in fact there are lots of reasons they are useful and used by many people.


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Here are 5 great benefits of a compact self storage unit:


1 Surprise Gifts

You may have one item that you know will be found in your house if you hide it. The gift could be small and you might not trust family or friends with it. It could be so important you will go that extra length to hide it. A compact self storage unit is perfect for helping you hide those special gifts that need hiding effectively.


  1. University Accommodation Gaps

When you are at university you accumulate some items, but not enough to justify an entire room based storage unit. Books, clothes and accessories might be valuable enough to store because you need them next year in your new house, but you can’t take them home. Compact storage units are ideal for those few bits and bobs that need a temporary home between digs.


  1. Between Babies

When you have your first baby and you plan to have another, there are often lots of sentimental and expensive items you want to keep around for the next baby. Babies take up lots of space as it is so, a small, compact self storage unit is ideal to keep those all important keepsakes and hand-me-downs safe until you need them again.


  1. Starter Hobbies

Dipping your toe into a new hobby? Collecting wine or antiques can be a great way to meet people and possibly even create a new career. The problem is, hobby items can quickly take up space at home. A small self storage unit is a great starter hobby space, especially if you’re not sure if you’re going to keep the hobby going yet.


  1. Travelling

When you go travelling for the foreseeable future you have to get rid of a lot of your items, unless you’re letting somebody stay in your home or you can afford to keep your home empty for months/ years. With a good clearout, it is possible you may just end up with a few small boxes, or just a small collection of sentimental things you want to keep hold of. Keeping them in a small self storage space ensures that they remain safe, secure and protected until you choose to return from your adventures and collect them.


There is a cheap, compact self storage unit of every size for you to take advantage of today. Contracts are flexible, prices are competitive and the items are likely to be much more secure than they would be in any residential house. Enquire at your local self storage unit today for more information.



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