5 Reasons Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Have A Clearout

Read about why summer is the ideal season to ditch the clutter, to clearout and enjoy a more minimalist home.A summer meadow scene. Summer is the ideal time for a clearout.

Summer is a time for holidays, ice creams and plenty of fun, but generally is not associated with tasks such as a home clearout. Did you know that you can also get some major home transformations done during this time?

Of course building and garden work is done during the summer to make the most of the drier weather, but there are much cheaper transformations you can do, that could even make you some extra cash too.

That’s right, we’re talking about you having a summer clearout.

People often think that spring or January are the major clearout times which they are, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a clearout in summer. In fact, summer is actually the perfect time to have a clearout, here are 5 reasons why:

1. You Can Leave Items Out For Collection/ Renovation/ Sales Viewings

Because the weather is generally better, you don’t have to worry so much about items you want the council to collect, to renovate or show to potential buyers when you place them outside.

2. Carboot Season Is Busy, enter Clearout Season

Carboot season is really busy in summer because the weather is good. So you can take all your things to sell of a Sunday morning and hopefully go home with an empty car and a tin full of a few quid you didn’t have the day before.

3. You Could Do With The Extra Space Come Winter

Sure, you don’t spend as much time inside in summer but come Autumn, you’ll want to be snuggling up with the latest series on the TV. If you declutter now, you’ll have the space ready for all of those hygge style indoor activities that come with winter.

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4. The Garden Is Easier To Clear When It Is Dry

It is so much easier clearing the debris from the garden such as old toys, pots and tools, when the weather is good. When it is raining lots and there are leaves everywhere, things will get messy so why not declutter the garden now whilst the job is going to be its very easiest.

5. Your Mood Is Elevated

It doesn’t take a scientific study to prove that most people are happier in summer. The longer hours of light, the sunshine, it really is the best combination for happy times. With that in mind, you’ll definitely make more effort to make positive changes, because you will be in a great mental place to improve your life. Let the wind in your sails take you to great places, and declutter when you’re most inclined to put the effort in.

Decluttering in summer may seem like a waste of the good weather, but for the sake of one afternoon when perhaps it is a bit too hot to be outside, or there’s a shower, why not get ahead of the schedule and get your things reorganised. Looking to clear some space without selling your stuff? Consider cheap self storage, which is readily available all year round. Cheap self storage provides a secure space to hold your items until you want to use them again, or sell them on in the future.

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