5 Storage & Space Solutions For A Big Family

Read about 5 storage solutions for a large family where space could be tight in the family home, and any new space could be very useful.A big family in need of storage solutions 

Do you have a large family? Do you find that there never seems to be enough storage to keep the home as tidy as possible with so many people under one roof?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most large families have the same problem, as each person accumulates more and more belongings over time. If you’re sick of your house being full to the brim of stuff, and want your big family to enjoy the space in the home again, take a look at these 5 storage solutions:

1. Have A Family Declutter Day

Take a day or a weekend to get everybody to declutter. Perhaps you can work towards a financial goal for a day out, which should encourage the kids to sell some of their things. Working as a team can be a lot of fun, especially if everybody knows why they are decluttering.

2. Rethink Your Layout

Maybe one room has become a clutter room over the years, or perhaps you have gotten used to a corner of the front room being boxes of old toys or exercise equipment that hasn’t been used for years. Sometimes we can become so used to things we see everyday we don’t notice them anymore. Try and look at every room differently, as though you have just moved in, and you might see there is more room to be claimed.

3. Rethink Your Furniture

A big family does have a lot of stuff, because there are lots of people. Rethink furniture that you have at the moment, and consider switching it for furniture that enables you to store more. Sometimes, furniture can take up more space than necessary as well as offering no storage space. Clever swaps can give you the same usability, whilst also providing additional storage.

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4. Cheap Self Storage

Cheap self storage is a really easy solution for large families who need extra space. It can be a space as small as a gym locker, or as big as a full house if you need it to be. With flexible contracts and easy accessibility, you can store items like camping gear, seasonal decorations and seasonal toys to create more space in your home.

5. More Outdoor Storage

If you have a large garden you could consider adding some storage boxes to the garden. They enable you to store items like camping gear and outdoor toys and equipment easily, keeping them out of the house and under lock and key in your outdoor space.

All big families will have an issue with storage at some point or another, because lots of people acquire lots of belongings over time. With the solutions above, and a little time and ingenuity you likely have more storage and space than you realise to make your family home more comfortable and spacious.


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