5 Things To Consider When You Buy New Garden Furniture

Read these handy tips to help you buy garden furniture that is easy to maintain, easy to store and easy to clean.Peaceful garden needing new garden furniture

It is the season of new garden furniture, and don’t the supermarkets want us to know it! You can’t even pop anywhere to buy a pint of milk without seeing stunning floral cushions, snazzy tables and oh-so insta-worthy swinging wicker chairs on display everywhere.

If you’re going to take the plunge and invest in some new garden furniture then do make a considered choice – your garden parties depend on it! You could also save yourself a ton of time and money by purchasing something both beautiful and sensible.

Here are 5 things to consider when you buy new garden furniture:

1. Choose The Right Material

The main materials available for outdoor furniture are:

  • Aluminium – doesn’t rust, lightweight, can become hot in the sun
  • Plastic – Lightweight, cheap, can come from recycled plastic
  • Steel – Durable, long-lasting, often more costly than other materials, can rust if it is not stainless
  • Wicker – Comfy, lightweight, can fade easily
  • Wood – Sturdy, maintains the same temperature, can be expensive and high maintenance
  • Wrought Iron – Durable, very heavy, will rust if not powder coated

Think carefully about the material of outdoor furniture you purchase as each will come with its own pros and cons, and you should make sure you are willing to take on any cons that come with your new purchase to ensure its longevity.

2. Ensure You Can Protect It

Outdoor furniture needs protecting from the elements so it pays to have furniture protection in place at the same time you purchase it. For very little money you can buy covers for any shaped furniture to place over it during bad weather or when it is very hot and you won’t be using it. Alternatively you’ll want space in your garage or shed, or maybe even cheap self storage to keep it safe over winter.

3. Does The Maintenance Fit Within Your Lifestyle?

Certain types of furniture only require a wipe down, such as rattan or plastic. Some furniture needs more, such as wood or untreated metals. Do check the maintenance needs of the furniture so that you can keep it in good condition long-term.

4. Will You Use It?

So many types of furniture looks great but doesn’t suit the needs of the family who own it. Sometimes it is uncomfortable, or maybe it gets uncomfortable after a while, maybe the table is annoyingly low, or that bit too high. When you are shopping for outdoor furniture test it out, sit down on it and don’t be afraid to use it like you would at home. Going for looks alone will cost you dearly when it comes to the practicality of your furniture.

5. Select A Style That Can Easily Be Refreshed/ Adapted

Some furniture can be painted to refresh how it looks. Fortunately some furniture is of a standard shape where you can change the upholstery to a more vibrant or modern pattern to keep it looking fresh and new. Some furniture styles are common enough that you can easily add a new chair or table and it matches. Think about the ease in which you can adapt your furniture when you buy it, to future-proof your need to swap it.

Garden furniture isn’t the biggest investment you will ever make, but it is an important investment in relation to how you enjoy your outdoor space. Do consider the above, and think carefully about the kind of furniture that will suit your needs now and for a few summers to come. Garden furniture can last a long time if it is chosen well and cared for properly, giving you a gorgeous outdoor area for parties, lovely summer evening suppers and beautiful morning coffees for the foreseeable future.

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