5 Tips To Help You Complete A Stress-Free House Move

Quick tips and guidance on the final part of moving house, and what to remember during the final stages of your house move.

A stress free house move

During the final stages of moving house there is a lot going on, which can mean you’re more likely to forget important things that need sorting out. Moving house can also be very challenging emotionally and physically, and is not something most people want to do regularly for that very reason.

A Stress-Free House Move

Completing your house move can be more streamlined than you realise though. Especially with these 5 tips to help you complete a stress-free house move:

1. Use The Sellers House Information Whilst You Can

You know when you have moved into a home and then months down the line there is a question about some part of it you wish you had asked during the moving process? Avoid that moment. Ask for all the information you need whilst you have access to the sellers information.

Ask about the origins of any built-in furniture, location of any meters, place of purchase for tiles, fencing or other accessories, information about garden maintenance. Literally anything you can think of. Think about what you would want to tell a new owner about the maintenance and care of your home and ask those questions about your new place.

2. Set Up Your Bills

The Royal Mail has a great post redirection service that you can use even when you don’t know or have access to your new address yet. You can also provide utility companies with a moving date and get the bills moved over in good time.

3. Look Into Removals And Self Storage Well In Advance

Self storage and removals will get booked up quickly in advance of the busiest time of the year for moving which is (no big surprise here) during the warmest and driest months. The sooner you can start looking into removals and cheap self storage the better, so you can choose the best removals and cheap self storage companies available in your local area.

4. Clean Everywhere At Both Properties

Get a really good cleaning kit set up for the moving process because you will need it. To deal with the deepest depths of your property and your new one. Even if your new house is clean, you will still want to clean it yourself regardless. Start building your cleaning kit as soon as you know you will be moving. Black bags, cleaning sprays, sponges, disinfectant, bleach and lots and lots of kitchen roll are a good start to a kit to get both properties sparkling clean.

5. Act Quickly On Issues With The Property

If issues do come up with the property that you have purchased as you are moving in, don’t wait to get in touch with the appropriate person about it. If there are items in the house that were supposed to be removed, or there is something you aren’t happy about, or you have questions you want to ask, act quickly to avoid difficulties in sorting it out. The sooner it is rectified the sooner it can be resolved and the sooner you can get on with enjoying your home.

These 5 tips are a really good starting point for ensuring your house move completes with the least possible complications and stress. Remember that the more you can sort out now, the sooner you can enjoy your new home and start to work on making special memories there too.

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