5 Tips to Help You Store Your Motorbike Safely In Winter

Find out how to store your motorbike to keep it in great condition, and to keep it safe over the colder months.


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 Whether you have one motorbike that you use everyday, or you collect motorbikes as a hobby or even a business, the fact is that they are expensive vehicles to own. So, it makes sense you will want to protect your investment and keep your motorbike safe and in good condition.

One of the main months motorbikes are at risk from damage is during winter. That is because they are the least likely to be used during the colder months. So they get the least attention, during temperatures which can be damaging to the way they work.

If you have a bike or some bikes, and you want them to be in great condition for when you do finally get to ride again, take a look at these 5 tips to keep your motorbikes stored safely over winter:

1. Empty Your Fuel Tank

You might want to keep a bit of fuel in the tank along with fuel stabilizer to avoid rust damage.  If your bike is going to be in storage for longer than three months then it makes sense to completely empty the tank so it is dry and unlikely to form condensation and therefore rust.

2. Protect The Bike From Tyre Damage

If a tyre is leant on and has pressure on it for too long it will become damaged. You’ll want to prop the bike up to avoid this kind of damage, taking the weight off the tyre during the bikes time in storage.

3. Disconnect The Battery

Disconnecting the battery of a bike is really important for long term storage. Disconnect the battery and keep it stored separately (but charged) so that the battery and the bike remain in good condition.

4. Cover The Bike

Even if your bike is stored in cheap self storage or in your garage using a cover will help to protect it from dirt and dust. This also helps to deter pests and animals that might love the seat as a new home.

5. Opt For Great Storage

How you prepare your bike for storage won’t make a difference if the storage you use isn’t good quality. Ideally you can store your bike at home in a dry environment that isn’t too affected by extreme temperatures or security issues. For assured secure storage with temperature control it could be worth investing in cheap self storage. You can choose a unit the size you need, there are flexible contracts, and the temperature control means your bike is protected from the elements. Even better, the various security measures you can expect from your storage facility mean your bike remains protected and probably safer than it would at home.

If you are unsure how to store your bike properly, look on relevant forums and do a quick search on Youtube. There are many bike enthusiasts out there just like you who love to talk about all things motorbike, including how best to store them.


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