5 Ways To Get Your Self Storage Unit More Organised

Is your self storage unit looking a little out of sorts? Don’t worry, these 5 tips will get it organised in no time.

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A self storage unit is an asset when you use the space well. It is affordable, you can get a space in any size, it is secure, dry and the contracts are often very flexible. If you don’t use the space well, though, you can be paying for what is essentially a big clutter closet which is difficult to use.

Don’t worry, though, it doesn’t have to be this way! There are all kinds of tips and tricks so that you can organise your cheap self storage unit successfully. To help you get started, here are 7 of them:

1.   Declutter Before You Fill The Unit

If you can declutter before you fill your unit, or even choose it. This enables you to only use the space you need, rather than filling a space with items you don’t really want or use. Ideally, you will be able to donate some items to charity, give them away or even sell them to help boost your bank balance. Moving items on rather than just throwing them away is better for the environment, and if you can make some money from what you have sold you’ll already have some cash ready for your self storage costs once you’re all packed and making the most of this useful service.

2.   Declutter The Unit Regularly

Once you have the unit packed it is important for you to declutter it regularly. This is so that you don’t end up putting more and more items into the unit without ever really dealing with the contents of the unit as a whole. One of the easiest ways to make your unit easily accessible and easy to declutter is to ensure that you have at least one walk through in the unit. This will ensure you can get to different boxes and shelves and actively remove items you know can be moved on. Because self storage facilities are so flexible with their contracts, you can easily switch to a smaller unit if you need to after you have decluttered. Alternatively, perhaps the storage unit you have could be utilised for other items you have at home that take up space unnecessarily, like seasonal items, hobby items or craft project materials.

3.   Create An Inventory That You Keep Up To Date

Create a digital or written inventory that you will keep up to date, which details the contents of the self storage unit. Ideally, it will be a section listing what is in each box, which will be labelled.

For example:

Box A – Contents

  • Silver pan set
  • 12 white dinner plates
  • Christmas table runner
  • Christmas table mats
  • Plastic Christmas table decorations

You can keep this inventory on paper if you won’t be changing what is in the unit regularly. If you will be changing the contents of each box it makes more sense to create a digital inventory instead.

4.   Label More Than You Need To

You cannot over-label when it comes to a self storage unit. Put the box number or letter (corresponding with your inventory) on every side of the box so that it can be identified regardless of where it is in the unit and how it is stacked. This should be done in addition to fragile and handle with care labelling you may have used during moving day.

5.   Keep It Dry & Pest Free

There’s nothing quite like pests and mould to make a self storage unit messy and very tricky to clean up. With an infestation or mould issue you could find you have to completely redo the whole unit, all whilst finding lots of your beloved items moth-eaten, chewed and rotten all the way through. In the worst cases, entire wardrobes, sofas and blankets will be so damaged they have to be thrown away. To avoid this, always make sure that you only pack items that are dry into the unit. You should also add adequate pest control, making sure everything in the unit is clean when you store it and ensuring you use items like moth repellent bags and don’t store anything that attracts pests like organic materials (usually banned by the facility). To avoid any mould or pest issues advancing, check your belongings in the unit regularly, taking care to act quickly if you see any black, green or white spots, holes, droppings or even funny smells like damp.

Sometimes the issue can be with the unit and not your belongings, in which case the facility owners need to be made aware so they can fix the problem.

6.   Pack Like You Intend To Reach Every Single Item In The Unit

Packing your unit in a way that makes it easy to access every single box, shelf and bag means you can stay as organised as possible whenever you access the space. Whether you are decluttering, reorganising or switching units, having walkways, shelving and avoiding stacking your belongings too high, means nothing is going to be inaccessible. Even better, consider using see-through plastic containers and bags in addition to the labelling we mentioned above, and you’ll not even have to rummage through any boxes or bags to find what you need.

7.   Have A Cleanup Routine

It is far too easy to go into a self storage unit, move things around and leave without sorting everything out. Do this again and again and soon enough you will have a messy space that is totally chaotic. Promise yourself to do a cleanup routine after every visit which should include:

  • A quick vacuum/ sweep up of the space
  • Returning items/ boxes where they were
  • Updating your inventory/ labelling if you need to
  • Checking stacking that is done is safe and secure

You’ll Have Your Cheap Self Storage Unit Organised In No Time

With the tips above you can get your cheap self storage space organised and decluttered. With this meticulous and practical approach, you’ll be able to make the most out of this functional, affordable service moving forward.









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