5 Ways To Get Your Self Storage Unit More Organised

Is your self storage unit looking a little out of sorts? Don’t worry, these 5 tips will get it organised in no time.

storage unit

A self storage unit is an asset when you use the space well. It is affordable, you can get a space in any size, it is secure, dry and the contracts are often very flexible. If you don’t use the space well, though, you can be paying for what is essentially a big clutter closet which is difficult to use.

Don’t worry, though, it doesn’t have to be this way! There are all kinds of tips and tricks so that you can organise your cheap self storage unit successfully. To help you get started, here are 5 of them:

1.  Declutter Before You Fill The Unit

If you can declutter before you fill your unit, or even choose it. This enables you to only use the space you need, rather than filling a space with items you don’t really want or use.

2.  Declutter The Unit Regularly

Once you have the unit packed it is important for you to declutter it regularly. This is so that you don’t end up putting more and more items into the unit without ever really dealing with the contents of the unit as a whole.

3.  Change The Space You Are Using When You Need To

Whatever size unit you have you will find a way to fill it. The same as no matter how big a house is, you always find a way to fill it with more stuff. If you move to a smaller unit when you have a clear out of the space, you will then be less likely to fill up empty space (because there won’t be any).

4.  Create An Inventory That You Keep Up To Date

Create a digital or written inventory that you will keep up to date, which details the contents of the self storage unit. Ideally, it will be a section listing what is in each box, which will be labelled.

For example:

Box A – Contents

  • Silver pan set
  • 12 white dinner plates
  • Christmas table runner
  • Christmas table mats
  • Plastic Christmas table decorations

You can keep this inventory on paper if you won’t be changing what is in the unit regularly. If you will be changing the contents of each box it makes more sense to create a digital inventory instead.

5.  Label More Than You Need To

You cannot over-label when it comes to a self storage unit. Put the box number or letter (corresponding with your inventory) on every side of the box so that it can be identified regardless of where it is in the unit and how it is stacked. This should be done in addition to fragile and handle with care labelling you may have used during moving day.

You’ll Have Your Cheap Self Storage Unit Organised In No Time

With the tips above you can get your cheap self storage space organised and decluttered. With this meticulous and practical approach, you’ll be able to make the most out of this functional, affordable service moving forward.