6 Easy Storage Hacks For Your Shed

Learn some storage hacks to how to make your shed into an organised, practical space that utilises the storage space in full.

A shed ready fro some storage hacks

Organising a shed can be difficult. It is such an important space, and yet it so easily becomes messy and chaotic, without the right storage hacks that is. If you think about your shed right now you probably know you can’t walk into all parts of it. There’s probably at least one shelf full of clutter you haven’t looked at for years. You also know that there are items you couldn’t get to without removing everything else first.

It doesn’t have to stay this way.

Here are 6 storage hacks for your shed:

1. Use Magnetic Bars

A lot of gardening tools are made from metal, so metal bars are very handy. Just be extra careful to use a metal bar with the strength to hold the tools you place on it.

2. Have A Box Of Ready Made

If you make your own cactus or houseplant compost, you don’t want to have to pull out the heavy giant bags every time you need to make the mix. What you could do is store away the heavier bags to get out every now and again.

Instead, create a smaller box of ready-made to access the worktop. This would enable you to put away the heavier bags, clearing space to use the shed in a more functional way.

3. Pegboards Are Handy

Pegboards are so handy for hanging keys, accessories, pouch bags and tools. They’re incredibly cheap and easy to install, making them an easy addition to your shed.

4. Hanging Storage

Hanging storage can be so handy in sheds. By adding just one piece of wood across the shed, you can then add all kinds of hanging storage.

A fruit basket to hang bags of nails and screws. Jars full of little bits of hardware you always lose. Utilising storage that isn’t on the floor will help you utilise the space more effectively.

5. Keep It Safe

An untidy shed can be really unsafe. It can cause liquids like fertilisers and flammables to spill. It can cause trip hazards and even worse if you have electricity in the building. Storage boxes are a really great idea for flammable liquids and any potential hazards. The plastic is a sealed barrier, which is more effective than a wooden container.

You can also get lockable plastic boxes to use for dangerous tools and liquids. This helps to help keep the space safe if you spend time with your children or grandchildren there.

6. Metal Shelving

Metal shelving stands are so useful in larger sheds. They provide floor to ceiling storage, and the ability to add baskets within them for even more capacity. This can be a great way to utilise a back wall in a shed, especially if you have a lot of smaller items that tend to regularly get in the way.

The 6 tips above can help you organise your shed into a more functional and enjoyable space to spend time in. Are you still struggling to find space in your shed? Consider self storage in London, or in a city close to you. Self storage in London gives you the chance to store seasonal items, so that you can enjoy the functional space of a shed when you need to.







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