6 New Year Decor Changes To Refresh Your Home

If you want to live this year in an environment designed to help you thrive, take a look at these 6 suggestions for decor changes that will refresh your home.

A fresh window arrangement with decor changes freshly applied

When a new year begins, there is a feeling of newness and a fresh 365 days to turn things around, whatever that means for you. The big, chunky changes like losing weight or, quitting something are fantastic. But sometimes changes to your environment are just as transformative as changes to your lifestyle, or to yourself. To help you go into this year with a healthy environment to thrive in, here are 6 easy decor changes to make to refresh your home:

1 . Declutter

Watch The Minimalism documentary on Netflix, notice your consumer habits and make a plan to declutter, and stay decluttered. Clutter makes us unhappy, it makes the mind busy, it costs money and space, and it gets in the way of enjoying the home. Don’t have time to sort the clutter out? Consider using a cheap self storage unit as extra storage space until you have time to properly sort out your things.

2. Get That Air Healthy

Get some air cleaning plants like spider plants, which are very easy to grow. Deal with any mould and start opening up those windows. Healthy air in the home is so important and will make the whole space feel different very quickly.

3. Clear Your Natural Space

If the garden is overgrown or messy (or both) your own little pitch of natural space is tarnished. Take some time to clear it whilst the weather isn’t making everything grow, which can make the job much harder. If you need somewhere to store summer toys or furniture during the bad weather, cheap self storage could help.

4. Create Spaces That Work

Marie Kondo has some great tips on making the spaces in your home work well. Sometimes how we utilise our home is so unworkable we aren’t productive or we start to hate the home. Taking some tips to create spaces that work will help you see your home in a new light.

5. Think Beautiful Not Practical

Have you been too practical with your home for too long? Do the colours inspire you? Does the home feel, like your home? If you’re going to refresh your home properly, do it so that it enhances the feel of the place for you. A splash of yellow? Some fresh, bright curtains? A new crisp bedspread? Make it your beautiful space and ignore practicality just a touch, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

6. Commit To Your New Lifestyle Plans:

If you’re planning on starting a new business, commit to those plans and create a gorgeous home office. If you plan to do yoga everyday, why not create a yoga space? A desk, a corner, a room – it doesn’t matter how little or large the space is. If you have dedicated it to your new plans, then you have actively committed to your aspirations and you have refreshed the homes purpose for your needs.

The six tips above should help you feel inspired to refresh your home in a way that supports the year ahead for you. The space we spend time in matters, and enhancing how it feels, looks and works for us is an important investment in the next 365 days.

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