6 Of The Best Blogs On Decluttering

Find out about the best blogs to listen to this weekend to help with organisation and decluttering.

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If your cheap self storage unit is full to the brim, your schedule seems endlessly chaotic, or you struggle for space in your home, then you may benefit from some decluttering inspiration. Blogs can provide you with inspiration on everything from organising your home more effectively, to feeling more relaxed from a simpler life.

To help you get started on some inspiring decluttering blogs this weekend, here are our top 6 recommendations:


There’s quite a large database of blogs for you to enjoy on the uncluttered site. Everything from links and posts, to a forum where you can discuss everything organisation and decluttering with other enthusiasts. This is a hotspot for picking up tips.

Becoming Minimalist

Becoming minimalist is a really simple and effective blog for those who want to strip everything back. The tips are very simple and easy, and the advice is easy to follow and understand. If you truly want to get stuck in to the minimalist ethos then this is a great blog to look at.

Organised Home

If you are a fan of print outs and lists then this is the blog for you. You can find tips on everything home, from organising to kitchen storage and more. There is a real focus on practical application here so you should use this blog if you are ready to declutter today.

The Simplicity Habit

The blog is all about simplifying every aspect of your life in a world that constantly wants you to buy. It is a good place to read if you want to learn about decluttering and minimalism in a space that is supportive of changing your entire lifestyle.


Practigal is a blog by Sheila who wants to help other people get a simpler life in relation to the areas that matter to them. So if you are stressed by the clutter in your cheap self storage unit or you feel your life is too hectic, there will be tips you can apply to your life. This is a particularly great blog for those who are struggling with mental health and the stress of clutter.

Simple Lion Heart Life

If you have children you will love this blog. It was started by Melissa when she had a baby and realised that she needed to simplify her home life to make it work. This is a fantastic blog for enhancing family life and dynamic through minimalism and simplification.

Hopefully the 6 blog suggestions above have you feeling inspired to get stuck into decluttering. If too much mess, clutter or chaos is negatively affecting your life, this weekend needs to be your time to make a change. Start with these handy blogs full of tips to get you started.


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