7 Easy Ideas For Decorating A Rental Property

7 easy to follow ideas for people decorating a rental property, looking to make the space their own.

Decorating a rental property

If you rent a property, you have a bit of a challenge when it comes to decorating a rental property. You want the space to feel like your own, but you’re restricted by the rules of your contract.

Now, more than ever, it is important that you can make the house you live in, really feel like a home. To help you do that, without breaching the rules of your contract (especially if you are in an excluded tenancy with even fewer rights as a tenant), here are 7 easy to follow ideas:

1. Personal Photographs

Photographs of special people and memories really do personalise a home, use a photo editor to make the best of your photographs. Even better, you can stand up frames, or use clever photograph boards that don’t require a hanger on the wall.

2. Snuggle Spots

Cosy corners and snuggle spots are always a welcome addition to a home, giving you a place to read, watch TV, or just listen to a podcast. Whether it is a corner of the sofa piled high with throws and cushions, or a window seat with blankets and giant pillows, create a tiny sanctuary in the place you live.

3. Soft Decor

Soft furnishings like cushions, rugs and blankets can transform a space easily and cheaply. Choose a colour scheme or print you love, and echo it throughout a room. It adds instant personality and colour, without the need for paint.

4. Use Lighting To Add Atmosphere

Lighting changes the mood, so it’s a great way to transform your rental home easily. Cosy lamps, twinkling fairy lights and feature floor lamps are all great ideas to change how a space feels.

5. Plants, Plants, Plants

Plants clean the air, they are a little piece of nature inside your home, and they add colour, shape and texture. Why not add a large feature plant like a monstera deliciosa, or add some trailing plants like philodendrons and pothos to a bookshelf. The right plants can add real impact to any home.

6. Group Items Together

Items can be grouped together in odd numbers of differing heights, to add visual interest and a sense of order. Whether it is plant pots, books, ornaments or candles, group the items in odd numbers and you’ll see the space change from sporadic, to purposeful.

7. Place Settings & Trays

Place settings and tea trays can be used all over the home to organise items and add texture and colour to the space. A pink woven mat under some plant pots, or a wicker basket with the coffee and tea jars in, it’s all a bit more interesting than just displaying items. It can also easily cover up surface areas of your rental home you can’t change, but maybe you don’t like so much.

The same can be done with rugs on the floor, which add texture and colour, whilst covering up a surface you may not particularly like. Even better, covering surfaces in a rental home helps keep those surfaces protected against damage, boosting your chances of getting a deposit back at the end of tenancy.

The ideas above can help you transform your rental home  or rental home business without breaching your tenancy rules.

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