7 Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

Find out 7 eco-friendly spring cleaning tips that you can easily implement into your spring cleaning process this season for earth-friendly home improvements.

Spring Woodlands - Spring Cleaning Inspiration

Spring cleaning is a wonderful way to get your home ready for warmer weather, however, it can come at a cost to the environment. Chemical-heavy cleaning agents, a throwaway mindset and toxic decorating practises can all lead to your spring clean being not so clean for the earth. If you are more environmentally-friendly minded, you can both clean your home and do it without causing any harm to the earth at the same time. Who wouldn’t want a guilt-free spring clean?

Our Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

Here are 7 eco-friendly spring cleaning tips to get you well on your way to a planet-friendly freshen up for your home:

  1. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

It used to be that eco-friendly cleaning was vinegar and bicarb in many different forms. Now you can get lovely, nice-smelling, cheap and effective eco-friendly cleaning products from any supermarket. An easy way to start a green spring clean process without much effort at all.

  1. Garden With Bees In Mind

Bees are so important for the planet and so, when you are gardening this spring, why not plant some seeds with bees in mind? The more you attract to your garden, the more you are supporting the local environment.

  1. Use Non-Toxic Paint

Use non-toxic paint when you freshen up those fences and rooms. The less chemicals you can use anywhere in your home, the better.

  1. Reduce Animal Product Consumption

You may want to buy a new leather couch or a beautiful set of suede cushions, but animal agriculture accounts for over half of global emissions and leather and suede are part of that. The treatment of leather and suede is also incredibly toxic. Opt for natural materials that stay clear of animal products.

  1. Practise Organic Gardening

When you prepare your garden for spring and summer try to follow organic gardening practises. There are organic alternatives for everything from slug pellets to weed killer. Less chemicals for a planet-friendly garden.

  1. Recycle

Decluttering is an important part of spring cleaning, but consumerism is a huge issue for the earth with so much going to landfill as we buy more and more, and throw away more and more. Instead of simply throwing items away, give them to charity or place them in cheap self

storage until you can sell them. Maybe there are even some items in your cheap self storage unit that you can upcycle instead of buying new things for spring?

  1. Decorate With A View To Being More Eco-Friendly

If you are planning on making any big changes to your home, it might be worth investing in eco-friendly changes. Buyers really want eco-friendly homes so it would only add to the value of your property. Solar panels, biomass boilers and insulation can all be excellent investments for a home.

Eco-friendly spring cleaning can be very easy to achieve. Just keeping in mind eco-friendly alternatives can be enough to adapt what you are doing to suit the planet better. With a few tweaks you can have a home that is both spring-ready and planet-friendly.





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