7 Handy Storage Tips For When You’ve Got Space-Hogging Hobbies

Read 7 storage tips to help you reclaim your space when you have hobbies that use up lots of space and take over the home. A cluttered space for hobbies in need of storage tips

Hobbies are fantastic things to have. They provide a distraction for the brain, they can often provide help staying physically fit, and they help us to stay social too. The problem is, many hobbies require a lot of space in terms of the gear we need to do them. Here are some examples of hobbies that take up lots of space:

  • Snowboarding & Skiing
  • Collecting pretty much anything
  • Crafts
  • Surfing & Paddleboarding
  • Vlogging
  • Photography
  • Cycling
  • Driving vintage cars or bikes

These hobbies may require entire rooms just to hold the items. To help you maintain your hobby and regain the space in your home, here are 7 handy storage tips for your space-hogging hobby equipment:

1. Clear Out The Garage Or Shed

Sometimes we forget that the garage or shed provides extra space because it is full of clutter. Declutter the shed and garage to instantly gain from both areas and the space they have to offer.

2. Utilize Cheap Self Storage

Cheap self storage is helpful for hobby items you do not need immediate access too. Even better, you could use the storage space to enjoy your hobbies. With crafts for example, you could make items and even sell them from your unit.

3. Pare Down Your Gear

Do you really need all of your hobby gear? Sometimes we think we will use everything we own, when in fact we realistically only use one or two things regularly. Maybe you could pare down your gear to create more space for yourself at home.

4. Can You Store Creatively?

Some small inner-city spaces utilise unusual storage areas like the walls to store items like bicycles, which can also be displayed. Surf boards, for example, look fantastic displayed, whilst also being stored for easy access.

5. Does Your Hobby Buddy Have Space?

If you regularly do your hobby with one person, do they have some space you can borrow? For example; maybe you cycle with a friend and could walk to their home before cycling with them.

6. Could Your Hobby Gear Be Smarter?

Are you using a bulky item of hobby gear that could be folded, packed or taken apart if it was a different model? If this is possible, maybe you could trade your item in for a different model that affords you more space at home.

7. Do You Still Do Your Hobby?

Sometimes we plan to do a hobby more often than we thought we would. For example: you move to the coast and suddenly your bike seems redundant. If your hobby has taken a backseat, or never really taken off, maybe it is time to sell your gear and regain your space at home.

Hobbies are important and beneficial, but they needn’t take over your precious space at home. By following our tips, hopefully you can get some of the space in your home back.

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