7 Health And Safety Tips For Your Moving Day

To help your next moving day run smoothly without anybody having an accident, here are 7 health and safety tips.

Lady thinking about how to pack mirrors on moving day

When it comes to moving house, all we really want is for everything to run smoothly. We want all our belongings to get to the new property in great shape, and we don’t want anyone stubbing toes, cutting fingers or dropping heavy boxes on their feet. To help avoid any common accidents happening during the chaos of your next house move, here are 7 health and safety tips for a safer moving day:

1. Label Everything Clearly

Heavy boxes should indicate that they are just that. The same goes for any boxes containing sharp objects or anything that could hurt a person. It never hurts to over-label boxes when you move home.

2. Add Extra-Packaging To Sharp Items

It isn’t just scissors and knives that can hurt a person if carried incorrectly, or poking through a box. Even plant canes, rear-up entry table legs and garden tools can be a problem if they are not packaged well. Try to bubble wrap and package any item that could potentially cause damage during a move.

3. Use A Professional Moving Company

A really great way to avoid accidents happening during a house move is to use a professional moving company. They know how to move items safely, and they have insurance if any accidents do happen on their watch. Speak to your cheap self storage facility about services they recommend, or look around for local moving companies. It could be an easy way for things to run smoothly come moving day.

4. Have Some Cardboard Ready For Rain & Snow

If there is one thing we can predict about the weather in the UK, it is that it is unpredictable. For that reason it is important to have cardboard ready in case there is rain and snow. This will help protect the floor from being slippy, preventing anybody falling over whilst they move in and out of your house.

5. Keep The Little Ones Safe

Smaller children and pets can be easy to miss when you’re carrying lots of items around. To keep them safe and out of harms way, ask a family member to look after them during the move, or to entertain them in an already emptied area whilst the bulk of the moving is going on.

6. Lift Properly

If an item is too heavy to lift alone, ask for help rather than attempting a lift and hurting yourself. When you do lift, use your legs and not your back to do the bulk of the work.

7. Be Careful Not To Get Paper Cuts

Paper cuts are surprisingly common on moving days because of the amount of cardboard around. It is easy to quickly let a box edge slip through your fingers and get a nasty cut as a result. Wear gloves during moving if you can which protects against paper cuts and helps keep your hands protected against other rough or sharp surfaces too.

Moving day is chaotic and accidents happen so easily amongst the commotion. Follow our tips above to help reduce the chance of any accidents happening. Soon enough you’ll be safely out of harm’s way and free to start making memories in this brand new chapter of your life.

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