7 Reasons Now Is The Time To Visit Your Self Storage Unit

Find out tons of reasons you need to get yourself to your self storage unit ASAP, including summer plans and spring cleaning plans. Visit your self storage unit regularly to keep it well-organised and check everything is in good condition.


There’s never a bad time to visit your self storage unit, but there are particularly great times to visit your self storage unit, like now. Now is an excellent time to pay a visit to the secure and handy unit that holds all of your precious belongings, here are 7 reasons why:


  1. To Check You’re Still Only Paying For The Space You Need

Self storage is flexible with the size of the units available because storage unit owners know that customers needs are always changing. Visit your unit and check you still want to keep everything in there, so you can downsize the contents and the size of the unit if you need to.

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  1. Prepare Summer Items

Summer isn’t quite here yet but it will be soon enough. Summer items you have in storage like garden furniture and gardening tools should be prepared ready for use. A good clean, dust removal and checking what works and what doesn’t is a really good idea.


  1. Clear Space For Your House Move

If you are planning on moving house this spring or summer, then you will need extra space to store items you need to move to stage the house, items you want to store whilst decorating your new home and maybe to help store the full contents whilst you’re in between homes. Clear the space in your unit to allow for these extra pieces.

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  1. Expecting?

Babies are born throughout the year but spring seems to be a particularly busy time for the arrival of little ones. If you’re expecting, you will want to clear extra space for items in the home that need to be moved so you can create a nursery.


  1. Holding Photography Kit?

Photography kit is a popular type of item to keep in self storage because the storage space can be climate controlled, and at home photography kit takes up a ton of space. In order to keep photography kit in good shape it has to be used at least once a month to keep all the parts lubricated.

  1. Mould Check

As much as you might try to ensure every item goes into storage bone dry, it only takes a very small amount of moisture to cause havoc. Checking your unit regularly for signs of mould means you can catch it quickly if it does develop.


  1. Staying Organised

Keeping organised with a storage unit is really important as it ensures you keep on top of everything in there and always know where everything is. If you have been in and out of your self storage unit recently moving things around, adding things and removing things, it is time for a quick visit to ensure you have everything organised properly.


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The key is to visit your unit regularly so you’re always on top of things and making the most of the space.

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