8 Tips to Store Items Effectively During a Renovation

Read about 8 ways that you can store items properly when you are renovating a property.

A bad example of storing items

Renovating is an incredibly rewarding thing to do. It can completely transform the way a property looks and functions. However, there is the small matter of what to store items from inside the house. Clearing the home isn’t always necessary but generally, you can be a lot more productive with the refurbishment when you are dealing with empty rooms.

There is also a much bigger chance of stopping items from getting damaged by workmen if they aren’t in the property when it is being refurbished.

To help you successfully store items during a renovation here are 8 easy to follow tips

1.  Prioritise High Traffic Areas

Have you prioritised the areas most likely to be at risk from damage? For example: the spare room upstairs is less important than the space between the front door in the conservatory where most of the work is going to be done. Consider protecting high traffic areas of the home first.

Any items of high value or that are easily moderate or dirty aid in that they should be protected or moved. If possible, have those areas packed and moved into cheap self storage as soon as you can.

2.  Get Some Help to Store Items

If you know you will struggle to pack things yourself, get some professional help to pack properly. It may cost more but it may also save you more money in the long run if your items aren’t damaged or broken during renovation.

3.  Allow Time For Proper Packing

Although you might be in a rush to get renovations on the way it is so important to allow enough time to pack certain things carefully. Maybe you need professional help from your local cheap self storage facility? Maybe you can watch the tutorial on YouTube. Whatever you need to do to ensure certain items are packed properly, allow the time to do that. You will be thankful later on when those items are cushioned and protected from transit and storage.

4.  Don’t Think The Best Of Contractors

They may be great at building you a new conservatory, but they might also be great at knocking off your favourite vase as they walk past.

Assume they are the clumsiest workmen around and store items accordingly.

5.  Deconstruct Whatever You Can

Taking the legs from tables, taking apart chairs, and deconstructing furniture and accessories that can be deconstructed is really useful. It means that you can package those items in a way that takes up minimal space.

6.  Don’t Forget The Walls

It can be so easy to only look at what is on the floor when we pack for renovation. It is only when somebody starts drilling or hammering, and that vintage mirror, or old treasured artwork falls off the wall and breaks, that you remember there were other items that needed packing away. Well we are here to remind you to look at your walls when you are paying for renovation and pack those items too!

7.  Dust, Dust, Dust

Dust gets everywhere when you renovate. You’ll still be finding it months later in areas that you didn’t even think dust could reach.

Protect every single area of your home as much as possible from this damaging debris paying special attention to gaps under doors.

8.  Utilise Cheap Self Storage

Do you need to clear a spare room temporarily to live in? Do you need room to store your items quickly because you don’t have a garage? Utilise cheap self storage to store items in. You are guaranteed great security, great flexible rates and the amount of space you need to use for long as you need to use it.

These 8 tips can help you protect your things whilst you are renovating your property. It can be a stressful time so it pays to be prepared and to utilise all the time and facilities available to you to keep your things in great shape. With the right preparation you will have intact belongings to enjoy again once your new home is finished.



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