8 Ways To Make Your Home Office More Beautiful

Read about 8 ways to make your home office more beautiful, for a working space you truly love.

A home office

There are lots of benefits to working from home such as getting more time with your family, and avoiding the daily commute. Another great benefit is being able to decorate your home office however you want. You don’t have to worry about your boss disliking your colour scheme, or your colleagues hating your furniture choice.

If you want to boost the aesthetic of your working space, checkout these 8 ways to make your home office more beautiful:

1. Declutter

Clutter in any space takes away from the overall look of the room. If you still have stacks of old stock, or furniture from when the space was a spare room ruining your office aesthetic, get it into cheap self storage. Cheap self storage is a more secure space for these items anyway, so it’s a practical solution that also benefits the look of your office overall.

2. Choose A Colour Scheme

A colour scheme gives the office a feel and a vibe, which can be missing if it is just grey or white. Even if you add in dashes of bold colours that match, you have a colour scheme, which can only boost the way your office looks.

3. Get Planty

Plants are known to be a great mood booster in an office, and they look stunning. Got a lot of space? Add a huge monstera deliciosa for tropical vibes. Short on space? Try a mini succulent or cactus on your desk.

4. Choose A Furniture Scheme

A thrown together home office can often be made with spare furniture from the self storage unit and garage. Try to match your furniture tones (all light wood or all black wood for example) for a more coherent look overall.

5. Ditch Artificial Light

One of the most ugly aspects of a work office is artificial strip lighting. You don’t have to put up with that at home so get creative. Let natural light flood in during the day and when it is dark, use lamps and multiple light sources.

6. Add Interest To All The Walls

At an office in a work building we can usually only decorate our own desk. At home though, we have all the walls! Get some inspirational quotes and art on the walls all around you for a beautiful aesthetic with meaning.

7. Play With Work Spaces

Just like a large office shared by a whole workforce, a home workspace can have multiple types of working spaces. You can have a breakout space, a standing desk, a sitting desk – all within one room. You just have to be clever with furniture and work on zoning effectively. This will stop the space feeling empty or cluttered full of furniture, and give a visual zoning effect that’s really modern and useful to your working style.

8. Don’t Forget About Your Video Call Background!

Video backgrounds have been a talking point ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Some people have some very interesting backgrounds when they take very serious calls. Be sure to spruce up your work background so your space represents you during your work conference calls. Remove anything embarrassing or personal, and instead place art, books and plants in the background. Be creative, after all it’s all part of your own business representation, so it pays to make it look good.


The tips above can help you beautiful your working space at home without much effort at all. Soon enough you’ll be productive, happy and even excited to be in your office space, for better time working everyday without feeling suffocated by drab work surroundings.

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