9 Ways To Make Your Home Hygge Today

Find out how your home can be a lot more Hygge right now, with these effective 10 tips you can apply to your decor straight away.

A home hygge scene

Hygge is pronounced ‘hoo gah’ and is a Danish term which relates to being comfortable and happy, cosy and content. It can apply to all areas of your life, but in this article we are focusing on how it applies to the home. During the colder months, everybody could do with a little more Hygge, and after these 9 tips, you can get it in your home really easily and really quickly:

  1. Candles

Candles are a cornerstone of Hygge because they offer soft, cosy light. Fairy lights are great too, if you don’t want a live flame. Even better, opt for your favourite scented candles to add an extra element of enjoyment to their use.

  1. Minimalism

Hygge is not about having nothing, but more about choosing what you do have in your home very carefully. So with an afternoon of decluttering you can be much more Hygge! Cheap self storage is a great way to clear your home whilst still having storage for seasonal items that you need, but not right now. Cheap self storage is affordable and flexible.

  1. Blankets

Being cosy is impossible without something to snuggle up to. Chunky knit blankets, faux fur or even silky fabrics can be a great way to feel cosy and comfy quickly.

  1. Friends

Hygge is all about spending time with friends, so although you can’t move them in at home you can make your home more social with bigger eating areas, and just by sending more invites out!

  1. Indulgence

Hygge is all about special moments and sometimes you need a little help with having special moments. Treating yourself to a bath bomb, new fluffy towel or posh tea – whatever it takes to give yourself a happy moment alone.

  1. Nature

Nature is in Scandinavian decor and to get Hygge you have to have nature too. A few plants will suffice, just to bring more oxygen and life to your inside space.


Being cosy is always much more intense if you can hear the cold, wet or storm outside. Can you create a place in your home to read or relax where you can directly see outside?

  1. Time

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the way our homes look without actually spending time in them. To have the special moments associated with Hygge, you have to first give yourself time to have them.

  1. Natural Light

Candles and fairy lights will work in the evening for cosiness, but in the day you have to get as much natural light as possible to fall in line with a Hygge way of life. This is because the darkness can make people feel low in winter, and so the more natural light you can get, the less likely you are to be affected by this.

Have fun getting Hygge into your home today!

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