It’s Time You Budgeted For Business Self Storage – Here Are Five Reasons Why

Your company could benefit from self storage right now. Here are five key reasons self storage for your company is an investment, not an expense you can’t afford.


Your business needs to make money – there’s no disputing that. For the most part, that is why businesses exist – to make money. You might already be thinking that you don’t want or need to budget in any extras, especially something you don’t deem necessary. But what if business self storage was not only necessary for your business, but potentially able to save you money, or even make you money?


As you make more money, it is likely the following will happen:


  • You will need more space for more stock and more staff
  • You will need additional organisation for all that the extra paperwork, staff and so on
  • You may need premises in different areas depending on your growth strategy


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Clearly, as you expand you will need more space. This is especially relevant for companies that might have a need for staff on site, for physical stock or anything else that takes up actual, as opposed to virtual, space.


What can happen as a business grows is you find yourself growing at a speed to meet demand, which ends up pushing you into a corner with your physical space options. We see a lot of businesses coming to us who wish they had come sooner, because they ended up committing to an expensive warehouse or office lease in their early year that was a drain on their finances.


But you could easily avoid this common SME business trap, and avoid committing to a hefty business space bill. Want to know more?


See how much you can save on self storage costs


Business Self Storage Could Save Your Company Money


Self storage price comparison chart

You may think that spending money is a fast way to lose money, but that is not necessarily true. Sometimes you have to spend to save. If your company is quickly expanding, it is likely you have gone into panic mode and assumed that you need a bigger space and need to commit to it right now. You’re making two huge mistakes if you do this. The first mistake is committing yourself for a long period of time. Your business may not be stable enough to commit to a long contract. Just think about what will happen if the orders dry up for a bit, if you end up struggling with the bills – your company could end up in huge debt long before it even starts turning a proper profit.


The second mistake is committing to a standard business storage space. You are paying loads of money just because something is listed as ‘business’ space. Self storage can be domestic or business space – it is your call, but we don’t charge a premium just because you’re going to use it for business storage. Self storage could save you money because you won’t be tied in for a long time, and you won’t be paying through the nose for something with a business label.


Grow At Your Own Pace


Rather than committing to a space to grow into, or a space too small to manoeuvre in, you can rent a cheap self storage space that suits you now, and move into bigger or smaller spaces as and when you need to. You get to expand and shrink naturally, without having to worry about the costs. Storage spaces come in a wide range of sizes – you choose what size you need right now, and you pay only for the space you use.


Store Your Items Safely


Stock and equipment isn’t cheap, and neither is the value of customer data or personal information. You certainly don’t want to risk paperwork, stock or equipment getting damaged or stolen. Self storage offers secure storage that keeps your items safe. So whether it is precious crafts for you to sell online, archive files that you are required to keep by law, seasonal stock or equipment our climate controlled, highly secure units will keep them safe saving you money on expensive business space.


Keep Your Office Space Looking Professional


Wherever your professional front is, having self storage enables you to relax and breath in it without greeting clients in an environment with files and boxes everywhere, and without having to work in absolute chaos. This two fold benefit is something to be valued, especially when you need a clear head to grow your business. They say a tidy space is a tidy mind, and this is just as true for your office space. The more organised your items are, the better your company will function, the more you will be able to strategise freely and comfortably, and the more you will enjoy working in your office, wherever that may be.


Clients will gain confidence in your products or services because of the well-organised, professional image you can present and maybe your family might even be able to claim back space from the kitchen, garage or spare room that is currently filled with stock.


The Value of Extras


Self storage provides many extras, not just the self storage itself. We can provide you with access to your space whenever you need it, which is great if you are talking to a client on the other side of the world, have had a massive order come in or need to collect an important item for a client – instant access helps. You can benefit from our packing service if you need items professionally packed and moved. We can also recommend other businesses who offer services that complement ours. We consistently seek to improve our business, and our customers benefit from these improvements whether that’s state of the art security or improved customer services and flexibility – our customers benefit from every new improvement we make.


So think about whether self storage could be what your business needs right now to handle its space needs. It’s flexible, convenient, inexpensive and requires no long term commitment. It is worth researching before your business becomes desperate for space so you can take your time deciding which facility is best for you.

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