Cheap Self Storage – The Uses and Benefits

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Only pay for what you really need

Here’s how to make the most of every bit of space in your self-storage unit because it makes sense to only pay for what you really need. Here’s how…

1. Document Everything

You’re not trying to reinvent Aladdin’s cave here, you should be able to find everything you want to find in your self storage space especially the items stored in boxes that can be difficult to find at a later date. You can document where each item is stored in whatever way you find most helpful but remember there’s no point in writing a list on paper if you’re going to lose it. Instead why not use the ‘notes’ app on your phone, use your diary or an Excel spreadsheet – whatever works for you. Make a diagram, write a reference with numbers or even Disney names that correspond with boxes – as long as you’re fully documenting item locations then you have a way to identify where your items are and retrieve them when the time comes. The only rule is to make sure you keep your list or diagram up to date if you occasionally remove items from storage or move boxes around.


Self Storage When Moving House


2. Keep Access

If you have a large unit, you need to make sure you keep a pathway to the back of the unit to enable you to easily gain access to all of your things without having to unload the whole storage unit to get to something at the back. Keep any items you think you may want to access regularly at the front of the unit.


3. Use All The Space

Remember storage units can be high so make sure you utilise all of your space by stacking items safely. Our 160 sq ft unit for instance is 237cm high (that’s 7′ 9″) so about as tall as the average ceiling height in a house. If you are stacking boxes then make sure that they are sturdy enough to take the weight of what is placed on top of them. If they are being stored long term, remember they may slowly crush the boxes below or start to lean if the stack is not secure.


Self Storage for Moving House


4. Have A Little ‘Useful’ Area

Have a small area within the unit where you keep scissors, a cardboard cutting knife, tape, labels, pens, paper and anything else useful in unpacking and packing boxes back up. This saves you having to leave the unit to pack and unpack.


5. Protect Your Belongings

Make sure you package your items properly. Use materials like foam pieces, cloth, sturdy packing boxes and labels. Different items need caring for in different ways so do your research – especially if your items are worth a lot of money, or they have sentimental value and cannot be replaced.


6. Adapt The Space To Suit Your Needs

Don’t be afraid to adapt the space to suit your needs – you’re paying for it after all, so optimise away! Perhaps you used to use it for your hobby but you’ve started an online business and it is a store room now so you need to clear space. Maybe you put items in it that need a cooler temperature so you need to use temperature control.


7. Spring Clean!

Make sure you have regular spring cleans so you’re not paying for space you don’t need. Get rid of any rubbish whenever possible, and look over your list of stored items regularly to consider whether or not you still want them. You might be able to downsize and pay less.




Self Storage For People Who Work from Home

Here’s how to utilise cheap self storage to help you work from home more comfortably both short-term and long-term.


A desk to work from home on in the garden


Working from home is the dream for many, and is becoming much more of a reality as technology allows workers to base themselves at home. Being an entrepreneur or start-up, is likely to begin as a working from home position.

If you are going to be working from home soon, or you plan to work from home, you could probably use some handy advice on helping this process get going. After all, the dream of working from home is often not the reality. You do need to put a bit of work in to get it to work well.

We can’t solve every problem you’re sure to encounter during this transition. What we can do is give you a tipoff about a really handy service you can use when you are working from home, and that is self storage. Cheap self storage has a ton of benefits for anybody who works from home, here’s how:

1. Home Office

With cheap self storage you can easily place everything from your summerhouse, spare room or garage to create space for your new office. Once you have self storage setup, you can take any space in your home from domestic to professional, in as little as an afternoon.

2. Stock

Stock can take up a lot of space in the home, which can be a real problem for family life. If your new working from home endeavour is causing you to have a lot of stock in your house, self storage is a really great idea. With the lighting, security, reception and temperature control, self storage is likely a safer place for your stock anyway.

3. Organisation

It can be hard to stay organised at home, because all of your business things are amongst everything else. This can be detrimental to a good working life. Having somewhere separate for your work things can be really useful. A space like self storage where you can visit, get files or information, and switch it with completed work, is handy.

4. Stock Safety From Pets And Children

Pets and children can accidentally damage and move work items. This can be as small as replacing some paperwork, or as huge as losing a client. Cheap self storage protects your most precious work items from accidental damage by your family.

5. A Bit Of Space

Working from home is great, but sometimes it’s nice just to have a bit of space from the family, or being in the same space everyday. Self storage gives you your own private four walls to spend a little bit of time pottering around.

6. Room To Buy Things Cheaply

You can use cheap self storage to buy things in bulk when they cost less, giving your business a bit more money to play with in other areas.

7. Room To Grow

Cheap self storage helps you work from home because it gives you room to grow. It enables you to utilise cheap storage space without committing to warehouse space or office space. You can instead work from home or at cheap hot desking units whilst keeping your stock and other items in an affordable, flexible space.

Working from home can be amazing, but you do need to make it work for your individual needs. Using self storage, and other affordable services, you can create the space you need to nurture your next business venture.


Cheap Self Storage vs Loft Storage

Is your loft storage really working for you? Or could cheap self storage be a better option?

Loft storage


If you have a loft in your house it’s likely that you have found it very tempting to use loft storage for anything and everything in there. From Christmas decorations, to camping equipment, the loft serves as a storage space for pretty much anything, doesn’t it?

Have you considered cheap self storage as a potentially better option than loft storage?

Whilst the loft is something that doesn’t cost any extra money to store things in, and it is within your house, there are extra benefits to cheap self storage you might want to consider:

The Space On Offer

Your loft is likely to only be the same size as the overall footprint of your house. This offers a lot of opportunity for storage, but it is restrictive when it comes to storing lots of items or particularly large items. Cheap self storage, however, can be as big as you like which is a real benefit.

Ease Of Access

There are some rather big issues with storing items in the loft when it comes to the access. For example, it’s unlikely to be easy to store a large sofa up there. Can you imagine trying to get a large sofa into the loft? Being unable to move items in at ground level can be a real problem, depending on what it is you want to store. Access is not a problem though, when it comes to cheap self storage.


Whilst the loft may be able to store a few light items it may not be the best option when it comes to storing heavy items. The floorboards in the loft may mean that it isn’t actually safe for you to store certain things. Storing too much in a loft can result in you compromising the integrity of your homes structure.


Items are as secure as they can be in your loft but they will never be as secure as they are in a self storage facility. In a self storage facility you have CCTV alarm systems, 24-hour reception, multiple lock points, floodlights and more. Storage facilities are in the business of keeping your items secure so your home is never likely to be quite as secure as a self storage unit would be.

Natural Safeguarding

In a home flooding, environmental damage, pests, and fire, are more likely to be an issue for your storage than they would be in a self storage facility. That is because self storage facilities have huge safeguards in place to protect your items from this kind of damage.

Extra Benefits

There are many extra benefits to having a cheap self storage unit such as:

  • Help moving things
  • Equipment like trolleys that you can borrow
  • Reception taking your deliveries out of hours
  • Paperwork storage and destruction
  • Moving services

A cheap self storage unit does cost more than using your loft for storage. However, for a reasonable cost every month it could be worth considering if you want to access some of the benefits that you can only get from a self storage unit compared to your loft.

Could your storage setup be better with a cheap self storage unit? Think about the benefits today to potentially boost your home organisation tomorrow.


Storing Your Things When You’re Moving Abroad

Here’s how to store your belongings safely whilst you’re in the process of moving abroad.



using cheap self storage when moving abroad


Moving abroad is something many Brits opt to do often for sunnier weather, gorgeous beaches and a change in overall pace of life. This is even more prevalent at the moment with uncertain political times. If you’re in the process of moving abroad, there’s no doubt you’ve already realised that the logistics can be the most stressful part of the process. What to do with your things whilst you go through the process of researching and planning a move abroad is a bit tricky, because the process has so many ‘moving parts’. Did you know tat you can pay for a flexible space that is secure and easy to access throughout your moving process? Cheap self storage is a really good service to utilise when you’re moving abroad, here’s how:

Somewhere To Store Things During A Trial Before Moving Abroad

Lots of people do a trial move to their chosen country before they move properly. This may involve renting property out for six months, or even giving up a rental altogether and moving temporarily. Either way, you will want to store your things safely during that time and self storage can accommodate those needs. The length of time and the size of unit you opt for is up to you, so you have plenty of flexibility, leaving you free to focus on making your new location work.

A Secure Place For The Most Precious Things

It may be that you have certain items you don’t want to leave in the house whilst you spent a few weeks at a time abroad arranging the move. Having a facility with CCTV, locks, lighting, reception and security guards provides you with the peace of mind your things will be stored safely each and every time you lock them up and take a trip to your new country.

A Moving Abroad Middle-Ground

Logistics can be so challenging when you move abroad. What goes where, when? You have to organise key collections, drop offs, contracts, pets, children, and of course, your belongings. Having a middle-ground that not only you can access, but family can access or even an international moving company, is really useful.

Somewhere For Processing

If you have to empty your UK house for sale, or you’re sorting items out to sell but want them out of your house so you can focus on redecorating, cheap self storage is really useful. Items can be moved into and out of the space at your leisure, giving you the time to get the right price for high ticket items you need out of the house to clear space.

Moving abroad is really exciting, but the logistics can be extremely challenging. Cheap self storage can help you have an easier time managing where everything goes, without any pressure from estate agents or other issues that are commonly associated with property. With the help of a cheap self storage unit you’ll have more head space to focus on making this incredible move work for your family.




Benefits of Cheap Self Storage for Online Businesses


5 reasons every online business needs to consider cheap self storage for the benefit of their business.


Online business worker



The rise in the amount of online businesses has been unprecedented within the last decade. As the high street seems to be crumbling in every town and city, the world of online businesses is flourishing and growing very quickly.

There are many benefits to running an online business, but one large disadvantage. The main disadvantage is the lack of storage space. If your business requires stock and doesn’t drop-ship, then you’ve an instance space issue once your home garage is filled. Cheap self storage can help to solve that space, whilst also providing additional benefits to your online business. Here are 5 reasons every online business, just like yours, needs to consider cheap self storage:

1. Better Business Security Than Your Home, Office Or Warehouse

Self storage units are in the business of keeping their customers belongings safe. Expect features like various lock points and types, lighting, gating, 24/7 reception, security guards and more. It is likely that the security of your belongings in self storage is going to be infinitely better than in your home, warehouse or office, because that is what the storage facility specialises in.

2. The Space

Rather than paying expensive warehouse contracts, or filling up your home with stock, you can use a self storage space as big or as small as you need. Many facilities will even take deliveries for you, and if you require a smaller or larger space at different times of the year, that can be arranged. Your use of the different storage spaces is incredibly flexible, which is ideal for the growing business, which will commonly fluctuate.

3. Peace Of Mind for your Online Business

When you’re starting a business the pressure of where to have your things delivered or how to pay mammoth storage costs can be very stressful. When you use cheap self storage you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have a service you can use in the way that best suits your business. No long contracts or high costs, which ensures useful peace of mind for a business owner with a lot to focus on.

4. Better Costs

Warehouses and offices can be very expensive, especially if they are close to the city centre. Cheap self storage not only costs less but it also comes free from tax, VAT and business rates. These kinds of financial benefits are an attractive prospect for any business looking to minimise running costs.

5. Additional Online Business Benefits of Cheap Self Storage

There are usually lots of added benefits to using a cheap self storage unit. Primarily you’re going to get to know the staff who will do everything they can to help you. They may also offer extra services such as receiving deliveries, referrals, business spaces and even the ability to rent vehicles and equipment.

These 5 benefits to utilising self storage as an online business are just the beginning of how this kind of service could help you. Do inquire with local facilities and do speak to them about your business storage needs. Making the most of this useful service could be a smart business decision for your online venture, helping it grow and develop into the next important phase of growth.




The Benefits of Cheap Self Storage for Small Businesses

3 ways that your business can gain from the affordable, flexible benefits of a self storage unit.


A business in need of more storage

Lots of people associate cheap self storage with domestic use only and for good reason too. It can be so useful when you need to make room for a new baby or pet. Or for when you move home, or need to secure your things when you go on holiday. However, there are also lots of reasons that you can use self storage for business too.

There are many benefits to self storage for business use, and here are just 3 of the ways that your business can benefit from this efficient and flexible service:

1. Space For Stock

Warehouse and office rentals for stock storage are expensive. They also usually require you sign a contract for 12 months minimum, for the space you sign up for when you hire. There are lots of problems with this kind of setup. The cost, as we mentioned, isn’t ideal. But you also have no flexibility at all. You can end up with masses of space, during times you won’t actually have much stock. Or you may end up without enough space when you have a stock influx.

If you store stock at home, you’re also at risk of running out of space, and losing out on the functionality of your place because it is full of stock. Stock stored at home is also more at risk of seasonal damage, accidental damage and theft.

To avoid all of these common stock problems, why not opt for cheap self storage. You can switch up the size of space you need, when you need to with a monthly or even weekly contract. Plus you also benefit from the plentiful security available at self storage units, and even 24/7 reception services to take deliveries.

2. Paperwork Storage

Documentation can take up a lot of office space that could be otherwise used for better functionality of your business. Paperwork stored in an office can also be at risk of data theft, environmental damage and human error.

Storing paperwork in cheap self storage is beneficial, clearing room in the office and keeping sensitive paperwork safe. Even better, many self storage facilities offer secure shredding and digitisation services to help you conquer your excess paperwork problems on a more permanent basis.

3. Office Moves

Moving offices or warehouses is very stressful for any business. The logistics can be very tricky, especially if you are moving a lot of staff and they depend on IT systems to be able to do their jobs. By using self storage for your office move you can have extra help with the logistical side of things. Store older equipment until you need to move it into your new office. Place new furniture until your new office is ready, so you can prepare it properly for the day staff are able to move across. The flexibility can be so useful when the logistics of a business move are so challenging.

The 3 benefits of self storage for businesses listed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how this flexible, affordable service can help your company. Why not use self storage today for a boost in flexibility that enables you to make smart business decisions.


How Charities Can Benefit from Low Cost Self Storage

Cheap self storage can benefit not-for-profit organisations and businesses long-term.

Rescue organizations and charities are always working to minimise any costs that divert precious earned and donated funds from their focus cause. One huge drain of money is premises, which are often needed to maintain office staff and their work, as well as retail premises and any manufacturing that isn’t outsourced. For rescue organisations, a premium is paid for land to hold and care for the animals rescued.

With that in mind, it makes sense to consider any way to minimise either the costs of office, warehouse or working land, or things that take up precious space that you’re paying for. Self storage is an ideal solution to unnecessary spatial demands on charities and rescue organisations and if you are wanting innovative ways to reduce your storage costs, it could be a good service to consider as part of your annual plan.

When you’re a charity or rescue organisation, there is every reason to minimise the demands on funds as much as possible. As warehouse rental, office rental and land rental is expensive, it makes sense to use that space properly, and not for storing things like paperwork, stock and other items that you do not need instant access to. This is where self storage comes in. It enables your charity to store a wide variety of items.


Items that can be stored by charities

  • Paperwork
  • Extra office equipment
  • Stock
  • Seasonal items
  • Display/ presentation items

This then prevents your active rental space from being clogged up, leaving the charity to use it properly. The flexibility of self storage means that it not only provides extra space, but it provides it at a rate likely to be much lower than your office rent. In addition, you can minimise or maximise the space easily, so there’s no pressure of a one-size warehouse space that you’re tied into for a year. You can usually switch the space you’re using in self storage for minimal notice.

You’re also likely to see much more security in your storage space than at your office. Self storage units know that customers rely on them to keep their things safe, so you can expect CCTV, lighting, lock points, security guards and more. So your charity stock is likely to be safer than it would be in your office, making it even more beneficial to utilise cheap self storage.

Find Self Storage For Your Charity Today

If your charity or rescue organisation is looking for a way to trim costs then why not consider cheap self storage? It could help you utilise expensive warehouse or office space you already pay for, whilst opening up new possibilities for additional stock and charity owned items. There are plenty of facilities with space to rent right now, just be sure to shop around to make sure that you get the best possible deal for your money.


Is Inexpensive self storage better than using a warehouse?

Could cheap self storage be a better option than a warehouse when it comes to storing your business goods?


When you are growing a business that includes stock it can seem like a straightforward step from storing a small number of items at home to hiring a warehouse.

Cheap Self Storage Units Vs. Warehousing

Warehouses range in size and they can hold any number of items in preparation for distribution to your customers.

Warehouses are a great option for storing items, but did you know that cheap self storage can be a really great alternative? In fact, in some instances, they can be a better option for your business. Here’s why cheap self storage could be a much better option than a warehouse when it comes to storing your stock:

Money Saving

Spending money on storage is a necessary cost but getting it as cheaply as possible is really important. Spending money on a huge warehouse can cost a lot more than spending money on a storage space that is the size you need.

Close Proximity

Often, because of the size of the warehouse, the location can be far away from your office. This can make it difficult to tend to your stock as often or as easily as you would like. Self storage however is likely to be closer because customers want to be within an easy distance to their belongings. You can find self storage units in city centres and placed within easy proximity of towns and cities.


With a warehouse you may find that you have to hire your own security. With self storage, the whole point in the service is to keep your items safe. So the security on offer is usually of a high standard. You can expect CCTV, 24/7 reception, excellent lighting, lock systems and more. This is much better for protecting your goods compared to warehouse security.

Room For The Ups And Downs Of Business

Any business has its ups and downs, but particularly new businesses and SMEs where growth can be turbulent. Warehouse contracts can be extremely detrimental to these periods of growth and shrinkage. You might only need more room for a month, but you have to pay for six months. Plus you may have seasonal needs for more or less space. With self storage you can enjoy the versatility of only paying for the space that you need. This is extremely useful when it comes to the money you need to spend on storage space. You can only spend what is necessary, avoiding the expensive warehouse contracts that can bleed you dry.

So self storage could definitely be better than a warehouse for storage if you want to save money. Enjoy better security, get to your goods quickly and only ever pay for the space you use. Why not take advantage of the flexibility of cheap self storage today? It could be the smartest business move you make this year.